Dimension list for Twitter Ads

82 dimensions available

TIMEYearyearYear, e.g. 2017
Year of week (Mon-Sun)yearofweekisoYear of week for ISO weeks, e.g. 2017
Year & monthyearmonthYear and month, e.g. 2017|06
MonthmonthMonth, e.g. 6
Year & week (Mon-Sun)yearweekYear and week for ISO weeks, e.g. 2017|08
Week (Mon-Sun)weekISO week number, e.g. 51
Day of weekdayOfWeekWithNameDay of week name for ISO weeks, e.g. 1 Sunday
Day of monthdayOfMonthDay of month, e.g. 2
DatedateDate, e.g. 2017-01-31
ACCOUNTAccountaccountThe ad account name.
Account IDaccount_idThe unique ID for the ad account.
Campaign IDcampaign_idThe unique ID for each campaign.
Campaign creation datecampaign_created_at
Campaign start datecampaign_start_timeThe date your campaign is scheduled to launch.
Campaign end datecampaign_end_timeThe number of times your ad is shown to users, including earned.
Campaign servablecampaign_servable
Campaign pausedcampaign_paused
Campaign deletedcampaign_deleted
Campaign currencycampaign_currencyThe currency used for all spend-related metrics and billing.
Campaign standard deliverycampaign_standard_delivery
Campaign total budgetcampaign_total_budget_amountThe maximum amount you're willing to spend on each campaign for the duration of the campaign.
Campaign daily budgetcampaign_daily_budget_amountThe maximum amount you're willing to spend on each campaign on average per day.
FUNDING INSTRUMENTSFunding instrument IDfunding_instrument_idA reference to the funding instrument.
Funding instrument descriptionfunding_instrument_descriptionFunding instrument description.
Funding instrument typefunding_instrument_typeFunding instrument type.
Funding instrument statusfunding_instrument_statusFunding instrument status.
Funding instrument currencyfunding_instrument_currencyFunding instrument currency.
Funding instrument start datefunding_instrument_start_dateThe date for the funding instrument to become active and usable.
Funding instrument end datefunding_instrument_end_dateThe date for the funding instrument to become inactive.
Funding instrument credit limitfunding_instrument_credit_limitThe total credit available against funding instrument.
Funding instrument funded amountfunding_instrument_funded_amountThe total budget amount allocated to funding instrument.
Funding instrument credit remainingfunding_instrument_credit_remainingThe total credit remaining to funding instrument.
Reasons funding instrument was not able to fundfunding_instrument_reasons_not_able_to_fundReasons funding instrument was not able to fund.
LINE ITEMLine itemline_item_name
Line item IDline_item_id
Product typeline_item_product_type
Charge byline_item_charge_by
Bid typeline_item_bid_type
Bid amountline_item_bid_amount
Automatically select bidline_item_automatically_select_bid
Line item total budgetline_item_total_budget_amount
Advertiser domainline_item_advertiser_domain
Primary web event tagline_item_primary_web_event_tag
Line item creation dateline_item_created_at
Line item pausedline_item_paused
Line item deletedline_item_deleted
Include sentimentline_item_include_sentiment
Tracking tagsline_item_tracking_tags
PROMOTED TWEETTweet IDpromoted_tweet_id
Tweet creation datepromoted_tweet_created_at
Tweet textpromoted_tweet_text
Link to tweettweet_url
Tweet first URLpromoted_tweet_first_url
Tweet card titlepromoted_tweet_card_title
Tweet card destination URLpromoted_tweet_card_destination_url
Tweet card display URLpromoted_tweet_card_display_url
Tweet card image URLpromoted_tweet_card_image_url
Tweet destination URLpromoted_tweet_destination_url
App store categoryapp_store_category
Conversion tagconversion_tags
Similar to followersimilar_to_followers_of_user
TV showtv_shows
AUDIENCEAudience typeaudienceTypeType of an audience, e.g. ALL_ON_TWITTER.
Interaction typeinteractionTypeType of interaction; applicable to some audience types.
Audience nameaudienceNameName of audience, e.g. Occupation.
Source of audience dataaudienceSourceThe providing party of audience data.
Audience categoryaudienceCategoryName of audience category, e.g. White collar worker.