Metric list for Stripe

14 metrics available

BALANCEBalance amountbalance_amountGross amount of the transaction, in cents.
Card balancebalance_source_card
Bank account balancebalance_source_bankCurrent balance, if any, being stored on the customer's account. If negative, the customer has credit to apply to the next invoice. If positive, the customer has an amount owed that will be added to the next invoice. The balance does not refer to any unpaid invoices; it solely takes into account amounts that have yet to be successfully applied to any invoice. This balance is only taken into account as invoices are finalized. Note that the balance does not include unpaid invoices.
Bitcoin receiver balancebalance_source_bitcoin
BALANCE TRANSACTIONTransaction amounttransaction_amountGross amount of the transaction, in cents.
Transaction nettransaction_netNet amount of the transaction, in cents.
Transaction feetransaction_feeFees (in cents) paid for this transaction.
Transaction refundtransaction_refund
Transaction charge (%)transaction_charge_percent
Transaction fee (%)transaction_fee_percentFees (in cents) paid for this transaction.
Transaction refund (%)transaction_refund_percent
Transaction average amounttransaction_average_amount
Transaction average nettransaction_average_net
Transaction average chargetransaction_average_charge
Transaction average refundtransaction_average_refund
Charge amounttransaction_charge_amountAmount of the fee, in cents.
Charge nettransaction_charge_netNet amount of the transaction, in cents.
Charge feetransaction_charge_feeFees (in cents) paid for this transaction.
Charge fee (%)charge_fee_percent
Charge average amountcharge_average_amount
Charge average netcharge_average_net
Charge average feecharge_average_fee
Charge transactionstransaction_charges
Fee transactionstransaction_fees
Refund transactionstransaction_refunds
CUSTOMERCustomer balancecustomer_account_balanceAn integer amount in JPY that represents the account balance for your customer. Account balances only affect invoices. A negative amount represents a credit that decreases the amount due on an invoice; a positive amount increases the amount due on an invoice.
COUPONDuration in monthscoupon_duration_in_monthsIf duration is repeating, the number of months the coupon applies. Null if coupon duration is forever or once.
Amount offcoupon_amount_offAmount (in the currency specified) that will be taken off the subtotal of any invoices for this customer.
Max redeemscoupon_max_redeemsMaximum number of times this coupon can be redeemed, in total, across all customers, before it is no longer valid.
Times redeemedcoupon_times_redeemedNumber of times this coupon has been applied to a customer.
APPLICATION FEEFee amountapp_fee_amountAmount earned, in cents.
Fee refunded amountapp_fee_amount_refundedAmount, in cents.
CHARGECharge amountcharge_amountA positive integer in the smallest currency unit (e.g., 100 cents to charge $1.00 or 100 to charge ¥100, a zero-decimal currency) representing how much to charge. The minimum amount is $0.50 US or equivalent in charge currency.
Charge refunded amountcharge_amount_refundedAmount in cents refunded (can be less than the amount attribute on the charge if a partial refund was issued).
Charge application feecharge_app_feeThe application fee (if any) for the charge.
TRANSFERTransfer amounttransfer_amountAmount in cents to be transferred.
Transfer reversed amounttransfer_amount_reversedAmount in cents reversed (can be less than the amount attribute on the transfer if a partial reversal was issued).
INVOICEInvoice due amountinvoice_amount_dueFinal amount due at this time for this invoice. If the invoice's total is smaller than the minimum charge amount, for example, or if there is account credit that can be applied to the invoice, the amount_due may be 0. If there is a positive starting_balance for the invoice (the customer owes money), the amount_due will also take that into account. The charge that gets generated for the invoice will be for the amount specified in amount_due.
Invoice totalinvoice_totalTotal after discount.
Invoice subtotalinvoice_subtotalTotal of all subscriptions, invoice items, and prorations on the invoice before any discount is applied.
Invoice taxinvoice_taxThe amount of tax included in the total, calculated from tax_percent and the subtotal. If no tax_percent is defined, this value will be null.
Invoice tax (%)invoice_tax_percentThis percentage of the subtotal has been added to the total amount of the invoice, including invoice line items and discounts. This field is inherited from the subscription's tax_percent field, but can be changed before the invoice is paid.
Invoice application feeinvoice_app_feeThe fee in cents that will be applied to the invoice and transferred to the application owner's Stripe account when the invoice is paid.
Invoice payment attemptsinvoice_payment_attemptsNumber of payment attempts made for this invoice, from the perspective of the payment retry schedule. Any payment attempt counts as the first attempt, and subsequently only automatic retries increment the attempt count. In other words, manual payment attempts after the first attempt do not affect the retry schedule.
Starting customer balanceinvoice_amount_starting_balanceStarting customer balance before the invoice is finalized. If the invoice has not been finalized yet, this will be the current customer balance.
Ending customer balanceinvoice_amount_ending_balanceEnding customer balance after the invoice is finalized. Invoices are finalized approximately an hour after successful webhook delivery or when payment collection is attempted for the invoice. If the invoice has not been finalized yet, this will be null.
ORDEROrder amountorder_amountA positive integer in the smallest currency unit (that is, 100 cents for $1.00, or 1 for ¥1, Japanese Yen being a zero-decimal currency) representing the total amount for the order.
Order returned amountorder_amount_returned
Order application feeorder_app_fee
SUBSCRIPTIONSubscription quantitysubscription_quantityThe quantity of the plan to which the customer is subscribed. For example, if your plan is $10/user/month, and your customer has 5 users, you could pass 5 as the quantity to have the customer charged $50 (5 x $10) monthly.
Application fee (%)subscription_appfee_percentA non-negative decimal between 0 and 100, with at most two decimal places. This represents the percentage of the subscription invoice subtotal that will be transferred to the application owner's Stripe account.
Subscription tax (%)subscription_tax_percentA non-negative decimal (with at most four decimal places) between 0 and 100. This represents the percentage of the subscription invoice subtotal that will be calculated and added as tax to the final amount in each billing period. For example, a plan which charges $10/month with a tax_percent of 20.0 will charge $12 per invoice. To unset a previously-set value, pass an empty string.
SUBSCRIPTION PLANPlan amountsubscription_plan_amountA positive integer in cents (or 0 for a free plan) representing how much to charge on a recurring basis.
Plan interval countsubscription_plan_intervalsThe number of intervals between subscription billings. For example, interval=month and interval_count=3 bills every 3 months.
Plan trial dayssubscription_plan_trial_daysDefault number of trial days when subscribing a customer to this plan using trial_from_plan=true.
PAYOUTPayout amountpayout_amountAmount (in cents) to be transferred to your bank account or debit card.
REFUNDRefund amountrefund_amountAmount, in cents.
DISPUTEDispute amountdispute_amountDisputed amount. Usually the amount of the disputed_transaction, but can differ (usually because of currency fluctuation or because only part of the order is disputed).
Evidence submissionsdispute_evidence_submissionsEvidence related to the dispute. This hash will contain exactly one non-null value, containing an evidence object that matches its reason