Dimension list for MailChimp

122 dimensions available

TIMEYearyearYear, e.g. 2017
Year & monthyearmonthYear and month, e.g. 2017|06
MonthmonthMonth, e.g. 6
Year & week (Sun-Sat)yearweekYear and week for US weeks, e.g. 2017|08
Year & week (Mon-Sun)yearweekisoYear and week for ISO weeks, e.g. 2017|08
Week (Sun-Sat)weekUS week number, e.g. 51
Week (Mon-Sun)weekisoISO week number, e.g. 51
Day of weekdayofweekDay of week name for US fields, e.g. 0 Sunday
DatedateDate, e.g. 2017-01-31
HourhourHour of the day, e.g. 21
CAMPAIGNCampaign IDcampaign_idA string that uniquely identifies the campaign
Campaign namecampaign_name
Campaign typecampaign_typeThe type of the campaign, e.g. variate
Folder namecampaign_folder_nameThe name of the campaign folder
Campaign statuscampaign_statusCurrent status of the campaign
Campaign createdcampaign_created_dateThe date and time the campaign was created in ISO 8601 format
Campaign last sentcampaign_last_sent_date
Campaign last opencampaign_last_openThe date and time of the last open for this campaign in ISO 8601 format
Campaign last clickcampaign_last_click
RSSFeed URLrss_feed_urlThe URL of the RSS feed
Frequencyrss_frequencyThe frequency of the RSS campaign
RSS last sentrss_last_sentThe date the campaign was last sent
EMAILContent typecontent_typeHow the campaign's content is put together
Subject linesubject_lineThe subject line of the campaign
From namefrom_nameThe 'from' name on the campaign (not an email address)
Reply toreply_toThe reply-to email address for the campaign
To nameto_nameThe campaign's custom 'To' name
AuthenticateauthenticateWhether Mailchimp authenticated the campaign
Auto footerauto_footerAutomatically append Mailchimp' default footer to the campaign
Inline CSSinline_cssAutomatically inline the CSS included with the campaign content
Auto post to FBauto_fb_postA list of Facebook page ids the campaign posts to automatically
Auto tweetauto_tweetAutomatically tweet a link to the campaign archive page when the campaign is sent.
Facebook commentsfb_commentsAllows Facebook comments on the campaign
TimewarptimewarpAn hourly breakdown of sends, opens, and clicks if a campaign is sent using timewarp.
Template IDtemplate_idThe individual id for the template.
Use conversationuse_conversationUse Mailchimp Conversation feature to manage out-of-office replies.
EEPURLFirst tweeteepurl_first_tweetThe day and time of the first recorded tweet with a link to the campaign.
Last tweeteepurl_last_tweetThe day and time of the last recorded tweet with a link to the campaign.
First clickeepurl_first_clickThe timestamp for the first click to the URL.
Last clickeepurl_last_clickThe timestamp for the last click to the URL.
DELIVERY STATUSStatus enableddelivery_status_enabledWhether Campaign Delivery Status is enabled for this account and campaign.
Delivery statusdelivery_status_nameUpdates on campaigns in the process of sending.
Can be canceleddelivery_status_can_cancelWhether a campaign send can be canceled.
TRACKINGTracking openstracking_opensWhether to track opens.
Tracking HTML clickstracking_html_clicksWhether to track clicks in the HTML version of the campaign.
Tracking text clickstracking_text_clicksWhether to track clicks in the plain-text version of the campaign.
Goal trackinggoal_trackingWhether to enable Goal tracking.
Google Analytics trackingtracking_google_analyticsThe custom slug for Google Analytics tracking.
eCommerce360 trackingtracking_ecomm360Whether to enable eCommerce360 tracking.
ClickTale trackingtracking_clicktaleThe custom slug for ClickTale tracking.
Salesforce trackingtracking_salesforceSalesforce tracking options for a campaign.
Capsule trackingtracking_capsuleCapsule tracking options for a campaign.
LISTList IDlist_idThe unique id for the list.
List namelist_nameThe name of the list.
Subscribe URL (short)subscribe_url_shortMailchimp's EepURL shortened version of this list's subscribe form.
Subscribe URL (long)subscribe_url_longThe full version of the list's subscribe form.
Permission reminderpermission_reminderThe permission reminder for the list.
Notify email on subscribelist_notify_on_subscribeThe email address to send subscribe notifications to.
Notify email on unsubscribelist_notify_on_unsubscribeThe email address to send unsubscribe notifications to.
List ratinglist_ratingAn auto-generated activity score for the list (0-5).
Multiple email formatslist_email_type_optionWhether the list supports multiple formats for emails.
Beamer URLbeamer_addressThe list's Email Beamer address.
List visibilitylist_visibilityWhether the list is public or private.
List moduleslist_modulesAny list-specific modules installed for the list.
List campaign defaultscampaign_defaultsDefault values for campaigns created for the list.
List createdlist_created_dateThe date and time that the list was created in ISO 8601 format.
Last list subscribedlist_last_sub_date
Last list unsubscribedlist_last_unsub_date
LIST CONTACTContact detailscontactContact information displayed in campaign footers.
Companycontact_companyThe company name for the list.
Address 1contact_address_1The street address for the list contact.
Address 2contact_address_2The street address for the list contact.
Citycontact_cityThe city for the list contact.
Statecontact_stateThe state for the list contact.
Zip codecontact_zipThe postal or zip code for the list contact.
Contact countrycontact_countryA two-character ISO 3166 country code.
Phonecontact_phoneThe phone number for the list contact.
LIST MEMBERSMember IDmember_id
Member emailmember_emailEmail address for a subscriber.
Member statusmember_statusSubscriber's current status.
Full namemember_name
First namemember_fname
Last namemember_lname
Member fieldsmember_fields
Member ratingmember_ratingStar rating for the member, between 1 and 5.
Member VIPmember_vipVIP status for the subscriber.
Member languagemember_languageThe subscriber's language.
Member latitudemember_latitudeThe location latitude.
Member longitudemember_longitudeThe location longitude.
Member countrymember_country
Member GMT offset (hours)member_gmtoffThe time difference in hours from GMT.
Member timezonemember_timezoneThe timezone for the location.
Member email clientmember_email_clientThe list member's email client.
Member email typemember_email_typeType of email the member asked to get.
Signup datemember_signup_dateThe date and time the subscriber signed up for the list in ISO 8601 format.
Signup IPmember_signup_ipIP address the subscriber signed up from.
Opt-in IPmember_opt_ipThe IP address the subscriber used to confirm their opt-in status.
Opt-in datemember_opt_dateThe date and time the subscribe confirmed their opt-in status in ISO 8601 format
Unsubscribe reasonmember_unsubscribe_reasonA subscriber's reason for unsubscribing.
Last changedmember_last_changed_dateThe date and time the member's info was last changed in ISO 8601 format.
LIST LOCATIONSLocation countrylist_country_nameThe name of the country.
Location country codelist_country_codeThe ISO 3166 2 digit country code.
AUTOMATIONAutomation IDautomation_idA string that identifies the Automation.
Automation nameautomation_name
Automation typeautomation_typeAn absolute URI that identifies the problem type.
Automation createdautomation_created_dateThe date and time the Automation was created in ISO 8601 format.
Automation startedautomation_date_startedThe date and time the Automation was started in ISO 8601 format.
Automation statusautomation_statusThe current status of the Automation.
Send immediatelysend_immediately
Trigger on importtrigger_on_import
Run timeruntime
INDUSTRYIndustry typeindustry_type
A/B TESTINGAB test typeab_test_type
AB test sizeab_test_sizeThe percentage of recipients to send the test combinations to.
AB winner criteriaab_winner_criteriaThe combination that performs the best.
AB winner wait time (min)ab_wait_timeThe number of minutes to wait before choosing the winning campaign.
AB winner campaign idab_winner_campaign_id
AB winner campaign nameab_winner_campaign_name
AB test A sentab_send_date_a
AB test A last openlast_open_aThe last open for Campaign A.
AB test B sentab_send_date_b
AB test B last openlast_open_bThe last open for Campaign B.