Dimension list for Google Ads

257 dimensions available

Year & monthYearmonth
Year & week (Mon-Sun)Yearweek
Year & week (Sun-Sat)Yearweeksunsat
Month nameMonthname
Week (Mon-Sun)Week
Week (Mon-Sun, dates)yearweekiso_daterange
Day of monthdayOfMonth
Day of weekDayofweekWithNum
ACCOUNTAccount nameAccountname
Account IDprofileid
Account edit linkaccount_edit_linkLink to edit the Google Ads account.
Company nameClientcompanyname
Currency codeCurrencycode
Time zoneTimezone
Network (with search partners)Networkwithsearchpartners
CAMPAIGNCampaign nameCampaignname
Campaign IDCampaignIDThe ID of the Campaign.
Campaign statusCampaignstatus
Campaign edit linkcampaign_edit_linkLink to edit the campaign in Google Ads.
Serving statusCampaignServingStatus
Advertising channel typeAdvertisingChannelType
Advertising channel sub-typeAdvertisingChannelSubType
Start dateStartDate
End dateEndDate
Bidding strategyBiddingstrategy
Bidding strategy IDBiddingstrategyIDThe ID of the BiddingStrategyConfiguration.
Bidding strategy sourceBiddingstrategySource
Bidding strategy typeBiddingstrategyType
Bid modifierBidModifierThe bid modifier. To filter by this field, use values greater than 0 and less than or equal to 1.
Desktop bid modifierCampaignDesktopBidModifierDesktop bid modifier override at the campaign level.
Mobile bid modifierCampaignMobileBidModifierMobile bid modifier of the campaign. To filter by this field, use values greater than 0 and less than or equal to 1.
Tablet bid modifierCampaignTabletBidModifier
Enhanced CPC enabledEnhancedCPCenabled
BUDGETBudget nameBudgetName
Budget IDBudgetIDThe ID of the Budget.
Budget statusBudgetStatus
Budget periodBudgetPeriodPeriod over which to spend the budget.
Budget delivery methodBudgetDeliveryMethodBudget delivery method. Determines the rate at which the budget is spent.
Is shared budgetIsBudgetExplicitlyShared
Number of associated campaignsBudgetReferenceCount
Budget-campaign association statusBudgetCampaignAssociationStatus
AD GROUPAd group nameAdgroupnameThe name of the AdGroup.
Ad group IDAdgroupIDThe ID of the AdGroup.
Ad group typeAdGroupType
Ad group statusAdgroupstatus
Ad group edit linkad_group_edit_linkLink to edit the ad group in Google Ads.
Enhanced CPC enabledEnhancedCPCenabled
Max CPA (1-per-click)MaxCPA1perclick
Max CPC (micro)MaxCPC
Max CPC (currency)MaxCPCCurrency
Desktop bid modifierAdGroupDesktopBidModifierDesktop bid modifier override at the ad group level.
Mobile bid modifierAdGroupMobileBidModifierMobile bid modifier override at ad group level.
Tablet bid modifierAdGroupTabletBidModifier
Headline part 1HeadlinePart1The first part of an expanded text ad headline.
Headline part 2HeadlinePart2The second part of an expanded text ad headline.
Headline part 3HeadlinePart3The third part of an expanded text ad headline.
Long headlineLongHeadlineThe long format of the headline in a responsive display ad.
Short headlineShortHeadlineThe short format of the headline in a responsive display ad.
Path 1Path1The text that appears in the ad with the displayed URL for an expanded text ad.
Path 2Path2In addition to "Path1", more text that appears in the ad with the displayed URL for an expanded text ad.
DescriptionDescriptionThe descriptive text of an expanded text ad or responsive display ad.
Description 1Description1Line 1 description of the Ad.
Description 2Description2Line 2 description of the Ad.
Expanded text ad description 1TextAdDescription1The description 1 of the expanded text ad.
Expanded text ad description 2TextAdDescription2The description 2 of the expanded text ad.
Ad IDAdIDThe ID of the Ad. This field may contain IDs of ads that are not supported in the report request's API version.
Ad typeAdtype
Ad statusAdstatus
Ad approval statusAdapprovalstatus
Destination URLDestinationURLDestination URL of the ad.
Final URLfinalURLFinal URL of the impressions.
Display URLDisplayURL
Final mobile URLFinalMobileUrlsList of final mobile URLs of the main object of this row.
Tracking URL templateTrackingUrlTemplateTracking template of the main object of this row.
Custom URL parametersCustomUrlParameters
Image ad nameImageadname
Image ad URLImageadURL
Image heightImageCreativeImageHeightThe height of the image ad. For other ad types, this will have no values.
Image widthImageCreativeImageWidthThe width of the image ad. For other ad types, this will have no values.
Creative destination URLCreativedestinationURLDestination URL of the ad.
Device preferenceDevicePreference
AutomatedAutomatedIndicates if this ad is automatically created by Google Ads.
AD EXTENSIONExtension typePlaceholderTypePlaceholder type indicating the type of extension.
Attribute valuesAttributeValuesThe FeedItem's attribute values.
Action targetisSelfAction
Extension statusItemStatus
Feed IDFeedIDThe Feed ID.
Feed item IDFeedItemIDThe FeedItem ID.
KEYWORDKeyword textKeyword
All networks keywordsKeywordsAllNetworks
Match typeMatchtype
Keyword IDKeywordIDThe ID of the Keyword that triggered the ad.
Keyword statusKeywordstatus
Keyword destination URLKeyworddestinationURL
Quality scoreQualityscore
Creative quality scoreCreativeQualityScore
Post-click quality scorePostClickQualityScore
Search predicted CTRSearchPredictedCtr
First page CPCFirstpageCPCEstimate of the CPC bid required in order to show your ad on the first page of search results.
Top of page CPCTopOfPageCpc
First position CPCFirstPositionCpcEstimate of the amount you might need to pay for your ad to be displayed in the first position at the top of the first page of Google search results.
Estimated added clicks per week at first position CPCEstimatedAddClicksAtFirstPositionCpc
Estimated added cost per week at first position CPCEstimatedAddCostAtFirstPositionCpc
Is negativeIsnegative
Preferred positionPreferredposition
Lowest positionLowestposition
Matched search termSearchterm
Branded vs. non-branded search queriesbranded_vs_nonbrandedCategorises search queries into branded or non-branded. You can specify your own brand terms in the settings.
Query targeting statusQueryTargetingStatusIndicates whether the search term is currently one of your targeted or excluded keywords.
ORGANICSearch result typeSerpType
PLACEMENTPlacement URLPlacementURL
DomainDomainThe domain of the URL (placement) where the impression was shown.
Quality scoreQualityscore_placement
Is negativeIsnegative
First page CPCFirstpageCPCEstimate of the CPC bid required in order to show your ad on the first page of search results.
Placement statusPlacementstatus
Placement destination URLPlacementdestinationURL
Preferred positionPreferredposition
LABELSCampaign labelscampaignlabels
Ad group labelsadgrouplabels
Ad labelsadlabels
Keyword labelskeywordlabels
Labels (level determined automatically)LabelsList of label names for the main object of this row.
CLICKClick typeClicktype
Google Click ID (GCLID)GclId
Google results page #pagePage number in search results where the ad was shown.
CONVERSIONSConversion categoryConversionCategoryA category that describes the action the user will take to complete a conversion. Prevents zero-conversion rows from being returned.
Conversion typeConversionTypeNameThe name of the conversion type. Prevents zero-conversion rows from being returned.
Conversion tracker IDConversionTrackerIDID of the conversion tracker.
External conversion sourceExternalConversionSource
VIDEOVideo titleVideoTitleThe video title.
Link to videoVideoURL
Video IDVideoIDThe video ID.
Link to channelVideoChannelURL
Channel IDVideoChannelIDThe video channel ID.
Video durationVideoDurationThe duration of the video in milliseconds.
CALLSCall statusCallStatus
Call sourceCallSource
Call typeCallType
Call durationCallDuration
Caller country codeCallerCountryCallingCodeCountry code of the caller.
Caller area codeCallerNationalDesignatedCodeArea code of the caller.
Call start timeCallStartTimeThe start date and time of the call.
Call end timeCallEndTimeThe end date and time of the call.
Audience IDAudienceID
Audience statusAudienceStatus
SHOPPING CAMPAIGNSBrandBrandThe ProductBrand value of the product.
Store IDStoreIdStore ID of the product.
Offer IDOfferIdOffer/item ID of the product.
Merchant IDMerchantIdID of the Google Merchant Center account associated with the products being advertised.
Category (1st level)CategoryL1
Category (2nd level)CategoryL2
Category (3rd level)CategoryL3
Category (4th level)CategoryL4
Category (5th level)CategoryL5
Product titleProductTitle
Product type (1st level)ProductTypeL1
Product type (2nd level)ProductTypeL2
Product type (3rd level)ProductTypeL3
Product type (4th level)ProductTypeL4
Product type (5th level)ProductTypeL5
Product conditionProductCondition
Custom label 0CustomAttribute0The ProductCustomAttribute level 0 value of the product.
Custom label 1CustomAttribute1The ProductCustomAttribute level 1 value of the product.
Custom label 2CustomAttribute2The ProductCustomAttribute level 2 value of the product.
Custom label 3CustomAttribute3The ProductCustomAttribute level 3 value of the product.
Custom label 4CustomAttribute4The ProductCustomAttribute level 4 value of the product.
LOCATIONLocation typeLocationType
Metro areaMetroarea
LANDING PAGEMobile speed scoreSpeedScore
MULTI ASSET RESPONSIVE DISPLAYHeadline 1 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdHeadline1
Headline 2 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdHeadline2
Headline 3 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdHeadline3
Headline 4 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdHeadline4
Headline 5 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdHeadline5
Long headline (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdLongHeadline
Description 1 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdDescription1
Description 2 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdDescription2
Description 3 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdDescription3
Description 4 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdDescription4
Description 5 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdDescription5
Business name (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdBusinessName
Call to action text (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdCallToActionText
Promotion text (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdDynamicSettingsPromoText
Ad format preference (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdFormatSetting
Main color (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdMainColor
Accent color (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdAccentColor
Allow flexible color (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdAllowFlexibleColor
Logo URL 1 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdLogoImage1
Logo URL 2 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdLogoImage2
Logo URL 3 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdLogoImage3
Logo URL 4 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdLogoImage4
Logo URL 5 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdLogoImage5
Landscape logo URL 1 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdLandscapeLogoImage1
Landscape logo URL 2 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdLandscapeLogoImage2
Landscape logo URL 3 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdLandscapeLogoImage3
Landscape logo URL 4 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdLandscapeLogoImage4
Landscape logo URL 5 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdLandscapeLogoImage5
Image URL 1 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdMarketingImage1
Image URL 2 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdMarketingImage2
Image URL 3 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdMarketingImage3
Image URL 4 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdMarketingImage4
Image URL 5 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdMarketingImage5
Image URL 6 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdMarketingImage6
Image URL 7 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdMarketingImage7
Image URL 8 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdMarketingImage8
Image URL 9 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdMarketingImage9
Image URL 10 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdMarketingImage10
Image URL 11 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdMarketingImage11
Image URL 12 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdMarketingImage12
Image URL 13 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdMarketingImage13
Image URL 14 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdMarketingImage14
Image URL 15 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdMarketingImage15
Square image URL 1 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdSquareMarketingImage1
Square image URL 2 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdSquareMarketingImage2
Square image URL 3 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdSquareMarketingImage3
Square image URL 4 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdSquareMarketingImage4
Square image URL 5 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdSquareMarketingImage5
Square image URL 6 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdSquareMarketingImage6
Square image URL 7 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdSquareMarketingImage7
Square image URL 8 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdSquareMarketingImage8
Square image URL 9 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdSquareMarketingImage9
Square image URL 10 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdSquareMarketingImage10
Square image URL 11 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdSquareMarketingImage11
Square image URL 12 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdSquareMarketingImage12
Square image URL 13 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdSquareMarketingImage13
Square image URL 14 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdSquareMarketingImage14
Square image URL 15 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdSquareMarketingImage15
YouTube video URL 1 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdYouTubeVideo1
YouTube video URL 2 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdYouTubeVideo2
YouTube video URL 3 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdYouTubeVideo3
YouTube video URL 4 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdYouTubeVideo4
YouTube video URL 5 (multi asset responsive display)MultiAssetResponsiveDisplayAdYouTubeVideo5