Supermetrics for BigQuery - Overview

API extraction engine
Our state of the art API extraction engine handles all it takes to get your data out: it creates the authentications, optimizes the speed of a vast amount of data source requests and handles retry logic.

Login and token management
By combining data source logins and storing temporary tokens, we make it reliable and secure for users to extract data. All logins are viewable on a single page located on our account management site, where users can re-authenticate and refresh authorization tokens on a single page for all their data transfers.

Pivoting and aggregation
Regardless of the type of data in the data source our transformation engine executes the data aggregation to the desired level.

Metadata manager
Important function of metadata manager is mapping the source fields to destination fields. This ensures unified naming in the data destinations and improves the ability to handle data source changes and maintaining consistent naming across data sources.

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AdRollSTANDARDCampaign, banner details and geography level data
 BANNERDetailed list of banners
Microsoft AdvertisingSTANDARDWide coverage schema including demograpghhy data and ad level/keyword level details
 LIGHTLighter version of Standard schema without demography data
 CONREVENUEConversion focused schema
 CALLCall tracking tables
Facebook AdsSTANDARDBased on mostly used metrics and dimensions inlcuding ad level data
 ENHANCEDIncludes 2 more tables for actions demography
 PRODUCTProduct avdertising related data
Facebook InsightsSTANDARDDetailed Post and Page metrics including Demograpghy tables (Geo, City and Age & Gender)
 LIGHTSame as Standard but without Demography tables for reducing amount of transfered data
LinkedIn AdsSTANDARDDetailed Campaign Ad and Inmail analytics
Adobe AnalyticsSTANDARDComprehensive set of 9 different tables covering Traffic, Content and user
 LIGHTReduced set of 6 tables for improving transfer
Twitter AdsSTANDARDDetailed Ad and Campaing overview
 ENHANCEDSame as Standard but includes Demography information
Instagram InsightsSTANDARDOrganic post and page insights uncluding demography
 LIGHTLighter version of Standard schema without demography data
Quora AdsSTANDARDAD and Campaign level deteailed overview, configurable conversion
Google My BusinessSTANDARDComplete dimensions and metrics coverage including Location, Post and Review details - including media
Google AnalyticsSTANDARDComprehensive set of 9 different tables covering Traffic, Content and user
 GOALGoal Conversion details
 PRODUCTTransaction ID level conversion analyses for product
LinkedIn Company PagesSTANDARDPage and post summary including deatiled demograpghy splits (company size, Job function, country, seniority industry
Google Search ConsoleSTANDARDDetailed search performance on search query level
AdformSTANDARDDeatiled performance analyses coveraging campaing performance, site tracking and banner details.
Google AdSenseSTANDARDChannels and network performance analyses
StripeSTANDARDComprehensive coverage of every aspect of payments
Yandex.DirectSTANDARDSimple summary of Ad performance
Yahoo GeminiSTANDARDDetailed coverage of all aspects related to performance of advertistment and search
SalesforceSTANDARDOverview of Leads and Opportunities
Google AdsSTANDARDComplete overview of Campaings on AD level including keywords conversions and placement details
 ENHANCEDSame as standard adding more data intensive demography tables
 CALLCall tracking tables
Google Display & Video 360 (Campaign Manager)STANDARDLine item level details and creative details
 DEMOGRAPHYUser demograghy tables
Google Search Ads 360STANDARDKeywords performance and details about Campaings and Ads
LIGHTBasic schema containing only Campaing level data