How VanMoof supercharged their marketing reporting with a data warehouse

Watch the webinar to learn how e-bike company VanMoof built a data platform and rolled out their marketing data warehouse in Google BigQuery. Signup for on-demand viewing
Feb 11, 2021, 12 AM GMT

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When VanMoof launched their new line of electric bikes, they were met with a ton of demand. But when it came to understanding where these customers were coming from, VanMoof was in a bind.

Their reporting was scattered across spreadsheets and internal databases. Sebastian Mehldau shares the story of how VanMoof solved this situation by rolling out a marketing data warehouse.

In this webinar, Sebastian explains the criteria and steps that VanMoof used to select Supermetrics and Google BigQuery as their tools of choice. He will also introduce the overall architecture of VanMoof’s data warehouse solution.

For those looking to build a marketing data warehouse, this is a must-watch. The webinar will show you the steps to consider when starting your journey towards centralizing your data in a marketing data warehouse.

Here's what you'll learn

Step-by-step instructions to successfully rolling out a marketing data warehouse

What to consider when selecting a data warehouse solution

Alternative data warehouse solutions and their unique features

Different reporting use cases for a marketing data warehouse

How to design a data warehouse architecture

How to plan for further developments in data analysis

Hosted by

Sebastian Mehldau

Growth Marketing,

Riku Mikkonen

Product Marketing Manager,

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