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Support - Supermetrics Data Grabber

Here you can find support on using Supermetrics Data Grabber. In case your question isn't covered here, please visit our support forum (You can search the forum for answers, send us a private ticket, or create a public forum post).

Getting Started

When opening the tool for the first time, press the button to log in to Google Analytics. The tool will fetch a list of your Google Analytics accounts and profiles.


To run your first report, follow these three steps:

  1. Choose some profiles for your report by clicking the profile name, or by typing anything to the column to the left of the account name. The selected profiles will change their colour.
  2. Choose one or more metrics using the drop down menus. You can also choose to split the data rather than just fetch the aggregate figures. For example, to get the report similar to the one on the right, choose "Visits" as the metric, "Source" from the upper Split by, and "Month" from the lower Split by.
  3. Press the "Run the report" button. The tool will then run the query and display the results in a new sheet.

This is just a very simple example. The power of Supermetrics Data Grabber is in its flexibility: you can freely select which metrics you wish to see in your reports, and how to split them. You are not restricted to a set of predefined dashboards. You can create a set of reports, each in its own worksheet, and update them for example every week or month, or even daily - this can greatly reduce the amount of time needed for regular reporting.


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