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Supermetrics Products

Supermetrics for Google Sheets
Google Sheets

Add-on that turns Google Sheets into a full-blown business reporting system for web analytics, social media and online marketing. Run queries, refresh by the press of a button, and share your reports & dashboards.

Supermetrics for Data Studio
Google Data Studio

Our Data Studio Connectors allow you to pull marketing metrics from Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Bing and 15+ more sources into Google Data Studio directly. You can blend data from multiple accounts of one data source and create beatutiful Data Studio dashboards in just a few clicks.

Supermetrics Data Grabber
Windows Excel 2003 and newer
Mac Excel 2011 and newer

Excel report automation tool for Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, Bing Ads, Twitter, YouTube & Google Search Console. Automate your reporting and save hours every week. Formerly known as GA Data Grabber.

Supermetrics Functions
Google Sheets
Windows Excel 2003 and newer

The most flexible way of getting your business metrics into Excel and Google Spreadsheet: a custom function that you can type into directly spreadsheet cells. It’s perfect for skilled Excel users who want complete control on how to display the data.

Supermetrics Uploader
Web application

Import cost data from various sources into Google Analytics. You can schedule an automatic daily upload from Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and Yahoo Gemini, or upload CSV files from any data source. You can then see advertising cost and ROI in Google Analytics.