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Google Analytics Updates

Updates on the Google Analytics data source, including new metrics, dimensions, and other features.

January 2022


New dimension added:

  • Country ISO code

September 2021


New dimensions added:

  • Account ID
  • Account Name
  • Web property ID
  • Web property name


New dimension has been added:

  • Is sampled

May 2021


Added new custom field functionality to return calculated metrics. You can now see calculated metrics in the metrics field selection.


Added new custom field functionality for Goals-related fields. You can now see the goal by name in the field selection UI, hopefully making it easier to locate the correct goals. The older number goal fields are also still present as we did not want to break any existing queries.

March 2021

2021-03-04 -

New fields have been added:

  • AdX revenue
  • 28 day active users

2021-03-10 -

New dimension has been added:

  • Data source

Feb. 2021

2021-02-23 -

Updated display name of "Total time on page (h:m)" to "Total time on page (sec)" to reflect what the actual value being returned is.

Jan. 2021

2021-01-21 -

Field display names updated to clarify they are Multi-Channel Funnel fields:

Old display name New display name
Channel group MCF channel group
Channel group path MCF channel group path
Social action targer URL Social action target URL

These changes only affect the Multi Channel Funnel versions of the 'Channel group' and 'Channel group path' fields, the core versions of the fields will remain unchanged.

We will also be adjusting the headers for the week-related date fields:

Field name Old cell header New cell header
Week (Mon-Sun, Dates) Week (Mon-Sun) Week (Mon-Sun, Dates)
Year & week (Mon-Sun) Week (Mon-Sun) Year & week (Mon-Sun)

Sept. 2020

2020-09-24 -

New fields have been added/exposed:

  • Product category level 1
  • Product category level 2
  • Product category level 3
  • Product category level 4
  • Product category level 5
  • Week (Mon-Sun, dates)
  • Nth hour
  • Avg. search pageviews
  • Percent of sessions with search
  • Exceptions per screenview
  • Fatal exceptions per screenview
  • Avg. goal value per session

May 2020


Field 'Next page path' was marked as deprecated and will no longer return data. Please use 'Page path' instead.

April 2020

2020-04-21 - New field added:

  • Search depth

Aug. 2019

2019-08-19 - New dimension added:

  • Client ID

June 2019

2019-06-06 - New fields added for Search 360 data points:


  • SA360 Ad Group
  • SA360 Ad Group ID
  • SA360 Advertiser
  • SA360 Advertiser ID
  • SA360 Agency
  • SA360 Agency ID
  • SA360 Campaign
  • SA360 Campaign ID
  • SA360 Engine Account
  • SA360 Engine Account ID
  • SA360 Keyword
  • SA360 Keyword ID


  • SA360 Clicks
  • SA360 Cost
  • SA360 Impressions
  • SA360 CPC
  • SA360 CTR
  • SA360 Profit
  • SA360 ROAS
  • SA360 RPC

May 2019

2019-05-28 - new fields have been added:

  • Source Property
  • Source Property ID
  • DOM content loaded time (ms)
  • DOM interactive time (ms)
  • Avg. DOM content loaded time (s)
  • Avg. DOM interactive time (s)
  • DOM latency metric sample

We have also expanded the number of custom fields available, there is now:

  • Up to 50 CustomVarName fields
  • Up to 50 CustomVarValue fields
  • Up to 200 Custom dimension fields
  • Up to 200 Custom metric fields

April 2019

2019-04-16 - new metric added:

  • Avg. session length (seconds)

Additional fields revealed in Data Studio that were not present before:

  • Social network
  • Has social source referral
  • Social engagement type
  • Offsite social action type
  • Offsite social action network
  • App name
  • App version
  • App installer ID
  • Screen name
  • Timing category
  • Timing label
  • Timing variable
  • Social actions (offsite)
  • Organic searches within a session