Reporting in spreadsheets

The latest addition to our ever-expanding data source list is Yahoo Gemini. This means you can now do reporting on all your search marketing campaigns on Yahoo Gemini as well as on Google AdWords and Bing Ads, and also include your social media campaigns from Facebook (and soon Twitter).

yahoo gemini

Yahoo Gemini is now available in Data source tab of our Google Drive add-on, and in Supermetrics Functions (we may add it to Supermetrics Data Grabber in the future).


Campaign cost data in Google Analytics

We’re best known for our spreadsheet reporting tools, but we also offer something else that every online marketer should use: Supermetrics Uploader, which connects various online advertising platforms with Google Analytics, allowing you to see campaign cost and ROI in GA reports (Google featured Supermetrics Uploader in the Google Analytics Blog earlier this year). Yahoo Gemini has now been added on the list of supported data sources, along with Facebook Ads and Bing Ads (you can also upload CSV formatted cost data from any other ad platform).

Log in here and you can schedule an automatic daily upload with just a few clicks, and after that, you’ll see your Yahoo ad cost & ROAS in GA’s Acquisition: Campaigns: Cost Analysis report and all other reports that include ad cost, as well as in 3rd party reporting tools that plug into to the Google Analytics Reporting API.

yahoo gemini supermetrics uploader



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