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Both our reporting tools, Supermetrics Data Grabber and Supermetrics Functions, now support Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels. This means you can now get detailed analytics on interaction paths leading to conversions on your site, you’re no longer limited to just seeing conversions for the last interaction. You can get a breakdown of conversion value attributed to each channel or channel path. A list of all metrics and dimensions available can be found here.

Google provides the MCF data via a separate API, which means that in many API tools, it’s difficult to combine MCF metrics with other Google Analytics metrics. The MCF API is also limited in providing the data on daily level only. We’ve put a lot of effort into making this as simple as possible for the users of our tools: you don’t need to stich together results from different APIs or convert dates, our tools do this automatically in the background. You can combine MCF metrics into the same reports with other GA metrics, as long as you only pick dimensions that are compatible with both (time, traffic source, AdWords). Our tools also let you split MCF data by month or week.

Supermetrics Data Grabber is by far the most powerful tool for fetching Google Analytics data into Excel, on both Mac and Windows, and now it’s even better with MCF support. To get started, download the latest version here. For existing customers, it’s a free upgrade as always.


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