USE CASE · 6-MINUTE READ ·  By Pablo Contreras on January 30 2017.

In this blogpost Pablo from Graphene (the company which is currently a part of Reprise Media) will tell about how Supermetrics is used in their team and provide you with hints on what tasks could be accomplished with JSON/CSV connector.

What is Reprise?

Reprise is a global digital marketing agency, focused on performance, therefore our main work is on Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, DoubleClick and Google Analytics. Our clients are mostly e-commerce websites who are interested in improving their ROAS constantly, but also we have clients focused in branding but struggling with fixed budgets.

To optimize our efforts, we can rely on Supermetrics to get data for our reports for every client and follow up on budget consumption, letting us only spend time to analyze and take action. Besides that we use Supermetrics in special ways to do more than reporting.

Special campaigns dashboard

Some of our special campaigns run for a short time and are very demanding in terms of optimization and reporting, like a Cyber Monday. Using Supermetrics we can create custom reports in Google Sheets with scheduled queries updated every hour like this one.

In these reports we show different KPIs around the purchase funnel, like spending though marketing platforms (cost, impressions, clicks and CTR), website traffic KPIs (sessions and bounce rate) and online purchase revenue KPIs (revenue and transactions split by product type, which is a custom dimension in our Google Analytics). This report is built through multiple queries and then using formulas and charts we show the data in a dashboard format that we can share with our client through a URL that can be accessed anywhere, since Google Sheets can be accessed through a mobile device too. Using this we can avoid constantly reporting or being asked multiple times a day how is the campaign performing and giving us time to discuss decisions on how to improve the performance.

Avoid accidental overspending on Facebook

We also rely on Supermetrics to save money. With query scheduling and emailing we can create alerts if a campaign on Facebook Ads have set daily budget, we don’t use this because usually leads to overspending.

We have scheduled a daily query to look at the daily budget for every campaign on Facebook Ads, if the sum of daily budgets column is higher than 0 then Supermetrics sends an email alert with the report using the conditional emailing feature. This can be really useful!

Create product feeds with Supermetrics

Supermetrics has recently released a JSON/CSV connector which is awesome. We started using this connector to create feeds for dynamic creative optimization among all marketing platforms showing updated data pulled in JSON format. The main challenge was that JSON data is not easy to place in a spreadsheet automatically, and in Google Sheets the only solution is to create a script, which involves coding and maintaining. Supermetrics solved this!

Our main client has an API to pull product and price data from their e-commerce in JSON format, with this connector we have a reliable way to place that data on Google Sheets. With that data we create different product feeds with updated data for dynamic ads on Facebook, Google, Criteo and DoubleClick Studio, updated every hour through the query scheduler. Finally, we connect those feeds with each marketing platform and the result is ads that have the most updated price pulled directly from the e-commerce using this connector.

Though there are a lot of dashboard tools in the market, I think Supermetrics for Google Sheets is the best way to create anything you want with your data without the hassle of coding.

About Pablo Contreras

Pablo has been working in digital marketing for 6 years and his main focus is on analytics and real-time media buying. He currently leads Graphene’s Performance Hub, the biggest team in Reprise Media all over Latin America, which works exclusively for LATAM Airlines providing real-time media planning, buying, optimization and reporting for LATAM in 13 markets, from Santiago, Chile. You can connect with Pablo on Linkedin



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