Google has published a new version of the AdWords API: with this new version, it’s no longer necessary to purchase AdWords API units in order to run reports. We have just uploaded a new version of GA Data Grabber that takes advantage of the new API version, you can get it here. This means that from now on, the only expense of using the AdWords module is the small annual GA Data Grabber license fee (currently at $199) – no extra fee for running reports anymore! If you haven’t bought a license yet, testing the AdWords module is now also much easier, as you can run as many reports as you wish during the 7 day trial period.

The old API version will be shut down at the end of February 2012. As the update includes some major changes to reporting, all existing users of GA Data Grabber AdWords module must upgrade to a newer GADG version before that date in order to be able to run new reports.

Note that using the GA Data Grabber Keyword Tool (included in the price of the AdWords module) still requires buying API units.

This update makes using GA Data Grabber as an AdWords reporting & analysis tool much more convenient, as there’s no more uncertainty related to the usage cost of the tool. In addition to this, we also wanted to improve the user experience of the AdWords module. In the latest version of GADG, you no longer need to select an AdWords report type when creating a report –  GADG now does the selection automatically in the background. Tbis makes creating report much easier, as you no longer need to look through different report types to find which of them include the field combination you wish to include in your report. We’ve also updated the list of available report fields to match the new API version.

Download the latest version of GA Data Grabber with these improvements here.

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