We’re happy to announce a new feature in GA Data Uploader: you can now use it to upload CSV files containing ad cost data into Google Analytics. This lets you get cost data from any source, for example Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads or Yahoo, into GA.

GA Data Uploader automatically guesses which CSV columns contain
 what data, and converts the file to the format Google accepts

We’ve made the tool super simple to use. There are two important features that set GA Data Uploader apart from other similar tools, and make it much faster and easier to run uploads:

  1. GA Data Uploader does not require that the CSV files conform to a specific format. Just upload any CSV (or TSV), and GADU automatically converts it to the format that is accepted by Google. This can save you a huge amount of time, as you don’t need to manually tinker with the file to get it into the correct format.
  2. When using GA Data Uploader, each CSV file you upload can contain data for multiple dates. The only limit is the max file size of 2 MB. Other tools require that you split the data to separate files each containing just a single day’s data, which can mean a lot of work.

After Google has processed your file, the cost data will be visible in Google Analytics in the Traffic Sources: Cost Analysis report. The big benefit you get from this is, of course, that you can then see the ROI of your campaigns directly in GA, as GA can calculate this based on the advertising cost and ecommerce revenue metrics.
GA Data Uploader lets you upload up to 5 files for free. Additional uploads are available for $0.99 per file. In addition to CSV uploads, you can use GA Data Uploader to schedule an automatic daily upload from Bing Ads into Google Analytics.
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