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Two years ago, I published a small script I made for using Google Translate in Excel ( I didn’t give it much attention since, but apparently it’s grown quite popular. Unfortunately, Google is now shutting down the free translation API that my script used, so it will stop functioning very soon. Many people contacted me regarding the issue, so I decided to make a new Excel tool for the new, paid Google Translate API. 

This new tool is now available here.

The new tool is not completely free, but the usage cost is very low. It’s also much faster (up to 40 times) than the old solution, can translate much longer phrases, and is more reliable. There’s a free trial, so you can fully test the tool before buying. This tool is very simple to use, just select a cell range and the language you want to translate it to, press a button and the tool will conduct the translation in matter of seconds.

Warning: I’ve noticed someone is selling a tool called “Google Translate for Excel”. This is not my tool; it looks like someone’s just copied my earlier free script (which will stop functioning very soon), and put a price tag on it.


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  1. shaunemerson

    Hi, thanks for providing this. However, what would be useful would be a Function e.g. =Translate(A2,”en”,”fr”).

    Using the Add-in is awkward as the range of options as to where the results can be placed is limited. I need to translate several English words into about 10 languages at once.

    I might pay for an add-in that does this – preferably I’d like to use my own API key and billing. That’s why the “Google Translate for Excel” tool (when it worked) looks so appealing.

    Do you think you could provide a function?



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