We’re very happy to see one of our products, Supermetrics Uploader, featured on the official Google Analytics Blog: Bringing more of your cost data into Google Analytics

Even though less well-known than our other products, Supermetrics Uploader is extremely useful to anyone doing online marketing, as it let’s you get all your marketing data into Google Analytics. If you already track your campaign results in GA (eg. using conversion goals or ecommerce tracking), Supermetrics Uploader combines this data with the campaign cost data, so you can easily see if your campaigns are paying off. Best of all, we’ve made using the product super-easy, so you don’t need to do any advanced configuration to get it running – just select a source ad account and a target Google Analytics web property, and our tool will take care of the rest. You will then be able to see your advertising cost in Google Analytics reports and in all 3rd party reporting tools that plug into the GA reporting API (including our reporting tools).

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