Supermetrics now connects to Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools)

search consoleWe’re happy to announce our new connector for Google Search Console, after having to remove our old Webmaster Tools connector due to Google changes last spring. The new connector lets you fetch your sites’ organic search data, and it’s even better than the old one, as you can more freely combine dimensions. You can now split the data by both search term and landing page in one query, so you’ll see which keywords bring visitors to each page on your site. In addition to search query and landing page, you can slice the data by country, device and time (though due to Google restrictions, only the last 90 days are available).

Google Search Console is now available as a data source in all our reporting tools:

Note that there’s a small difference in how our tools return data compared to Search Console’s web interface: by default, our tools return all search data (web, image, video), whereas Search Console shows web search only. If you want to get the data for web search in our tools, split or filter by Search type.

We hope you find this new feature useful!

4 Responses to “Supermetrics now connects to Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools)”

  1. Dave Karellen


    Wasn’t this feature previously free if you already had the Analytics Module? Does this require a separate licence now?

    • Mikael Thuneberg

      Hi Dave,

      Yes, it used to be included with the Analytics Module. This was because the old GWT connector was not using an official Google API and was thus quite unreliable.

      The new connector uses an official API and we charge for it separately now. If you have a license for the Analytics Module that was purchased before April this year, you can use the new Search Console Module for free until that license expires, if you log in with the same Google Account (email address).

  2. Yuko Nakamura

    Hi, I’ve realized that the return value of impressions and clicks of Google search console is quite different from what I see on the GSC dashboard. It’s almost 1/10 of its value returned through the supermetrics google search console connect. The total number of keywords exceeds 999, so I am wondering why. If anyone can give me any inputs, I will really appreciate it.

    Best regards (and great tool!)

    • Supermetrics

      Please post screenshots to Note that our tools shows all search types while the GSC web UI just shows web search by default.


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