search consoleWe’re happy to announce our new connector for Google Search Console, after having to remove our old Webmaster Tools connector due to Google changes last spring. The new connector lets you fetch your sites’ organic search data, and it’s even better than the old one, as you can more freely combine dimensions. You can now split the data by both search term and landing page in one query, so you’ll see which keywords bring visitors to each page on your site. In addition to search query and landing page, you can slice the data by country, device and time (though due to Google restrictions, only the last 90 days are available).

Google Search Console is now available as a data source in all our reporting tools:

Note that there’s a small difference in how our tools return data compared to Search Console’s web interface: by default, our tools return all search data (web, image, video), whereas Search Console shows web search only. If you want to get the data for web search in our tools, split or filter by Search type.

We hope you find this new feature useful!

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