MailChimp connector added to Supermetrics

We’re constantly expanding the data sources available in our tools. Our newest addition is MailChimp, which has been one the most requested APIs among our users. With the MailChimp connector, you can easily fetch email marketing metrics such as email delivery rates, open rates and click rates into Google Sheets and Excel. You’re no longer restricted to MailChimp’s built-in reports but can freely pick which metrics to display and how to split the data, allowing for a much better view of how your campaigns are performing. Getting this data into a spreadsheet is super-valuable, as you can add your calculations and charts, and combine email marketing data with the other data sources we offer.

MailChimp data in Excel

In addition to campaign performance statistics, our MailChimp connector can retrieve data for

  • Automations: performance metrics for automations and individual automation emails
  • Lists: stats like member counts, new subscribers and average open & click rates
  • List members: Email addresses and other details of list members – useful for cross-referencing lists
  • A/B testing
  • Industry stats for benchmarking

MailChimp is now available as a data source in all our reporting tools:



7 Responses to “MailChimp connector added to Supermetrics”

  1. poppy

    I think this is buggy. I picked one list to look at and given the same time period, the count of campaign is right but only few campaigns show up when I do an open rate and click rate breakdown. I checked my mailchimp account and all my campaigns for that list has valid open rate and click rate.

  2. Supermetrics

    We show the data that MailChimp returns. If you’re splitting by a time dimension (date/week/month/year), we show campaign metrics as they occur on those dates. If not splitting by time, we show totals for campaigns that were started within the selected date range.

    • poppy

      I see over 10 campaigns for a specific time period when I choose “count of campaign” as metric and my list “list x” under “list/campaign” without any row or column splitter. Then I select “listx: all campaigns” under “list /campaign” and choose to split column with campaign name and change the metric from “count of campaign” to “open rate” while keeping everything else unchanged, I get only 4 campaigns returned with their metrics. By the way I am using the add-on for google spreadsheet.

    • poppy

      Maybe this picture can help explain what I meant. I have copy and paste the configuration on the “Supermetrics”tab in my spreadsheet under each table returned. Thank you very much for your response!

      • Supermetrics

        When you fetch campaign count for a list, it will always return the all-time count, ignoring the date range. If you need further assistance, please post to, we handle support there. Thanks.

  3. Sarah Jayne Fell

    What does the “Filter” dimension do? I was hoping it was how you categorise your campaigns by folder in Mailchimp but that doesn’t seem to do anything. Which filters does this use?


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