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Use Case: Automating KPI Reporting with Leadfeeder

SUPERMETRICS USE CASE · 9-MINUTE READ · By Pekka Koskinen on March 7 2017. Running a SaaS startup is like flying an airplane in the dark. By looking out of the window and using your senses you get some feedback on what’s happening, but the real trustworthy information...

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5 Tips To Improve Your E-Commerce

E-COMMERCE · 9-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on February 20 2017. Marketing efforts are typically considered a success only if they drive leads and sales. While brand awareness is important, your stakeholders most often want to know that you’re converting your...

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Use Case: How to Avoid Google Analytics’ Sampling

SAMPLING · 9-MINUTE READ · By Ruben Ugarte on February 13 2017. If you’re heavy user of Google Analytics, then you know about the dreaded “sampling issue”. If you don’t, then let’s see how Google themselves describe sampling: “Sampling in Analytics is the practice of...

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