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Get your Bing Ads cost data into Google Analytics

At the Google Analytics Conference in October, Google published a new cost import API, which allows importing cost data into Google Analytics. This API has now been rolled out to all GA users, so we're ready to introduce our new tool, GA Data Uploader, which uses the...

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GA Data Grabber at the Google Analytics Conference

We were really happy to be one of only five tool vendors that Google invited to have a booth at the Google Analytics Conference held last week in Mountain View, California. The conference was attended by 400 Google Analytics Certified Partners and Google Analytics...

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Lots of new data available via the Analytics API

Google has just published an update of the Google Analytics API, which adds lots of new data fields, including detailed information on mobile devices and social interactions. We've included the new data in version 1.64 of GA Data Grabber, which is now available for...

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Check out our new excellent analytics tool, now in beta

We're happy to introduce our new Google Analytics tool for Excel users, FasterMetrics. It's an easy-to-use plugin that gets your Google Analytics data into Excel, and works on both Mac and Windows Excel. It's similar to a tool called Excellent Analytics, but it also...

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Google Analytics Account Overview report with GA Data Grabber

The old Google Analytics interface is being deprecated, and even though the new one is in many ways an improvement, it lack some features of the old interface. One of these is the Account Overview, which displays on one page certain core metrics for all of the...

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GA Data Grabber featured in the Google Analytics Blog

The official Google Analytics blog has a new article out that shows how useful GA Data Grabber can be for automating multi-site Google Analytics reporting. The American TV network PBS is featured as a case study. Check out the article here.Lots of thanks to Amy Sample...

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New Facebook page & app analytics tool now available

We're happy to announce a new Facebook Module for GA Data Grabber, the #1 reporting tool for Google Analytics, AdWords & MS adCenter! The Facebook Module makes it easy to keep track of a large number of fan pages and applications, as it can fetch the numbers for...

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Get the beta of the new GA Data Grabber

Update: the new version has been released and can now be downloaded from've been working on a big update to GA Data Grabber. We're now at the beta stage - you can download the beta version here.I'll write a...

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Translation Tool for Excel

Two years ago, I published a small script I made for using Google Translate in Excel ( I didn't give it much attention since, but apparently it's grown quite popular. Unfortunately, Google is...

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New version of the AdWords Addin for Excel

We've just uploaded a new version of the AdWords Addin for Excel. This new version uses the new AdWords API version, which means you don't need to pay by usage anymore - the only cost is the annual license price (currently $199 USD per MCC). When using the functions,...

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Usage of GA Data Grabber AdWords module is now free!

Google has published a new version of the AdWords API: with this new version, it's no longer necessary to purchase AdWords API units in order to run reports. We have just uploaded a new version of GA Data Grabber that takes advantage of the new API version, you can...

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New Microsoft AdCenter reporting tool

After the transition of Yahoo Search Marketing to Microsoft AdCenter (formerly known as MSN AdCenter) last year, AdCenter now serves ads to both Bing and Yahoo search engines, and currently has around 30 % of the US market. To help advertisers working with AdCenter,...

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8 new metrics available in GA Data Grabber

We're happy to announce the addition of 8 new metrics into GA Data Grabber! Google hasn't updated their API, but GA Data Grabber now uses existing dimension fields to calculate new interesting metrics, which are not available via the Analytics web interface nor...

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GA Data Grabber now groups site content by directory

One popular report of Google Analytics is Content Drilldown, which lets you see the metrics per content on different directory levels, instead of by individual URL. This report isn't available through the Analytics API directly, but we have now managed to add it into...

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New free Analytics tool available: metrics by hour of day

UPDATE: Due to changes by Google, this tool no longer works. Instead, you should check out the AutomateAnalytics Functions, which you can use to create a report similar to this, and countless others - it's the most flexible way of getting Google Analytics and AdWords...

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Automate Snoobi reporting in Excel

Today we're happy to announce a new product, Snoobi for Excel. It's an analysis tool working in MS Excel that automatically fetches and visualizes your Snoobi data. Snoobi for Excel creates in a matter of seconds reports that would take hours to set up manually. With...

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