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New visualization options in our Google Sheets add-on

We've added a nice new visualization option to Supermetrics for Google Sheets: it can now colour code your results so it's easier to spot the largest and smallest values. To use the feature, simply go to the Options tab and select a colour format from the "Higlight...

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Supermetrics at the Google Analytics Partner Summit 2014

The annual Google Analytics Summit for GA Certified Partners and GA Premium users was held in San Francisco this week, and we were happy to be selected as one of only five companies (and the only one outside North America) to get a demo booth for showing our products....

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Supermetrics vs Google Analytics: Add-on feature comparison

In addition to Supermetrics for Google Docs, there's another Google Sheets add-on that can be used to get data from Google Analytics, the official Google Analytics add-on published by Google. We decided to put together a feature comparison of the add-ons so you can...

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Get your search query metrics from Google Webmaster Tools

We've added a new data source that many users of our tools have been requesting for a long time: Supermetrics Data Grabber and Supermetrics for Google Docs can now connect to Google Webmaster Tools. This data is extremely useful now that Google Analytics shows "not...

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New Supermetrics Add-on for Google Docs & Sheets

Google has just launched add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets. We're proud to be among the first the developers to release add-ons, and we have two of them! You can find and install them via these links: For Google Sheets For Google Docs The Supermetrics add-ons make it...

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We've added Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels

Both our reporting tools, Supermetrics Data Grabber and Supermetrics Functions, now support Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels. This means you can now get detailed analytics on interaction paths leading to conversions on your site, you're no longer limited to just...

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Introducing the Twitter Module for Supermetrics Data Grabber

We're happy to announce a new Supermetrics Data Grabber module for accessing Twitter. The Twitter Module is super simple to use: just specify a search keyword, press the Fetch Tweets button, and you'll get a lists of tweets containing the keyword. As with all Data...

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We're now Supermetrics

This week marks a major milestone for our company: we are retiring our old AutomateAnalytics, GA Data Grabber and GA Data Uploader brands to become Supermetrics. We're doing this because we want to bring our various tools closer together and to make it clearer what we...

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Easy AdWords reporting in Google Spreadsheet

UPDATE March 2014: We've published a new Google Docs add-on that makes it even easier to get your metrics from AdWords and other sources: Supermetrics for Google Docs Our AutomateAnalytics Functions provide a great way of building AdWords reports in Google...

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GA Data Grabber can now avoid Google Analytics data sampling

When using the Google Analytics API to fetch data for sites with high traffic volume, Google often returns sampled results. These usually differ from the figures displayed in the Google Analytics web interface by a few percent. Data sampling is especially likely to...

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New report types available in GA Data Grabber

Producing great-looking reports automatically is one of the big benefits of using GA Data Grabber: you don't need to spend time formatting the data and creating charts, as GADG does all this for you. Still, we've noticed that in addition to the built-in GADG report...

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Upload cost data from any source into Google Analytics

We're happy to announce a new feature in GA Data Uploader: you can now use it to upload CSV files containing ad cost data into Google Analytics. This lets you get cost data from any source, for example Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads or Yahoo, into GA. GA Data Uploader...

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Introducing the YouTube Module for GA Data Grabber

When we ask GA Data Grabber users which new data source they'd most like to see added to the tool, YouTube has consistently been one of the top answers. We've heard your wishes and have now added a YouTube Module. This new module lets you fetch statistics for any...

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Get your Bing Ads cost data into Google Analytics

At the Google Analytics Conference in October, Google published a new cost import API, which allows importing cost data into Google Analytics. This API has now been rolled out to all GA users, so we're ready to introduce our new tool, GA Data Uploader, which uses the...

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