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Getting an Excellent Analytics login error?

If you are having problems logging in to Excellent Analytics (invalid username / password), that's because Google has just shut down the ClientLogin authentication method that EA uses. This means the free Excellent Analytics Excel plugin will now longer work, and the...

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Supermetrics Uploader featured on the Google Analytics Blog

We're very happy to see one of our products, Supermetrics Uploader, featured on the official Google Analytics Blog: Bringing more of your cost data into Google Analytics.  Even though less well-known than our other products, Supermetrics Uploader is extremely useful...

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Removing spam referral traffic from Google Analytics data

Fake referral traffic from sites such as has been increasing lately, which causes serious and growing data quality problems with Google Analytics. One way to combat the issue is using view filters in Google Analytics (see instructions of applying those...

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SEMrush & Moz data to Google Sheets

         One of the most common use cases of our reporting tools is search engine marketing and optimization. To make our products even better for this kind of analysis, we've now added a SEMrush connector to Supermetrics for Google Drive. With this new integration,...

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See your Facebook Ads cost & ROI in Google Analytics reports

Supermetrics Uploader is a must-have product for online marketers that love to use Google Analytics reporting: it lets you see your advertising cost in GA reports, so you have the cost and results in the same place. Up to now, Supermetrics Uploader has offered...

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Facebook Ads now available in our tools

Facebook Ads has been the top choice for the most needed new data source in all the user surveys we've done during the last few years. Facebook restricts access to ads data so it's taken a while to add it, but we're happy to announce they have now granted us access,...

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Stripe payments data into Excel & Google Sheets

We recently added Stripe as a payment option on our site and were so happy with their well-designed API that we decided to add Stripe also as a data source to our reporting tools. To our knowledge, there are no other spreadsheet add-ons currently connecting with...

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New visualization options in our Google Sheets add-on

We've added a nice new visualization option to Supermetrics for Google Sheets: it can now colour code your results so it's easier to spot the largest and smallest values. To use the feature, simply go to the Options tab and select a colour format from the "Higlight...

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Supermetrics at the Google Analytics Partner Summit 2014

The annual Google Analytics Summit for GA Certified Partners and GA Premium users was held in San Francisco this week, and we were happy to be selected as one of only five companies (and the only one outside North America) to get a demo booth for showing our products....

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Supermetrics vs Google Analytics: Add-on feature comparison

In addition to Supermetrics for Google Docs, there's another Google Sheets add-on that can be used to get data from Google Analytics, the official Google Analytics add-on published by Google. We decided to put together a feature comparison of the add-ons so you can...

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Get your search query metrics from Google Webmaster Tools

We've added a new data source that many users of our tools have been requesting for a long time: Supermetrics Data Grabber and Supermetrics for Google Docs can now connect to Google Webmaster Tools. This data is extremely useful now that Google Analytics shows "not...

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New Supermetrics Add-on for Google Docs & Sheets

Google has just launched add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets. We're proud to be among the first the developers to release add-ons, and we have two of them! You can find and install them via these links: For Google Sheets For Google Docs The Supermetrics add-ons make it...

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We've added Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels

Both our reporting tools, Supermetrics Data Grabber and Supermetrics Functions, now support Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels. This means you can now get detailed analytics on interaction paths leading to conversions on your site, you're no longer limited to just...

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