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New AdWords Features Every Marketer Should Know

RESPONSIVE DISPLAY ADS & PRICE EXTENTIONS · 5-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi on September 7 2016  Responsive Display Ads and Price Extensions are two new AdWords features that can result in more dynamic ads.  Visually appealing ads along with more room for your...

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How to Make An Insightful AdWords Lead Campaign Report

ADWORDS REPORTING TEMPLATE · 6-MINUTE READ · By Ana Kostic on August 30 2016. As a PPC campaign manager, I must choose the right amount of data to report and then present it in a visually helpful form. It’s hard to find the balance between the amount of data I need as...

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How to Effectively Use Naming Conventions in Google Analytics

GOOGLE ANALYTICS NAMING CONVENTIONS · 9-MINUTE READ · By Paul Koks on August 22 2016  Naming conventions can make the difference between collecting easy to understand data and data that is very hard to use. Not only web analysts, but also digital marketers need to...

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Why every SEO analyst should use Google Search Console

Google Search Console · 4-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi on August 16 2016 · Webmaster Tools naturally sounds like it’s for the web developer on your team, not you as a marketer or SEO analyst. When it was renamed to Google Search Console in 2015, it became clearer...

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How to Make the Most of Google AdWords' Expanded Text Ads

Google Adwords Expanded Text Ads · 6-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on August 8 2016 · Leveraging the Potential Power of Double Headlines and Longer Descriptions. After months of  announcement, Google has finally released the Expanded Text Ads (ETA) for AdWords...

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10-point checklist for a Perfect Google Analytics Setup

GOOGLE ANALYTICS SETUP · 11-MINUTE READ · By Paul Koks on August 03 2016  In the last 10 years I have audited dozens, or probably even hundreds of Google Analytics accounts. Most setups are far from collecting meaningful and reliable data. This post will equip you...

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How to Build a Bot with Supermetrics and Google Sheets

PPC/SEO SLACK BOT  · 8-MINUTE READ · By  Matthew Guay on July 28 2016   Ever wished you could pull up your spreadsheet data right inside your favorite chat app? Perhaps you're discussing this month's sales with your boss, or are trying to remember what a recently...

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How to Quickly Improve Your Google Analytics Skills

IMPROVE GOOGLE ANALYTICS SKILLS · 9-MINUTE READ · By Paul Koks on June 30 2016   What steps do you take to master Google Analytics? Relying on one strategy is not your best choice. Take a structured, well-balanced approach to boost your Google Analytics skills....

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10 Ways to Segment Google Analytics Data for Greater Insights

Segment Google Analytics · 9-MINUTE READ · By Paul Koks on May 31 2016 One of the keys in finding actionable insights, is to segment your data and visitors. Raw data without context doesn't tell much. But wait a second... Before even thinking about analyzing your...

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How I Save My PPC Reporting Time By 70%

PPC REPORTING· 9-MINUTE READ · By Ana Kostic on May 20 2016   Reporting is a huge time sink for PPC managers. We all try to optimize it and make it as painless as possible. The main problem is despite actual report and data visualization are the key points in our...

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10 Reasons Why Digital Marketers Should Love Report Automation

REPORT AUTOMATION · 7-MINUTE READ · By Paul Koks on April 25 2016   Do you spend hours of your time creating reports each and every month? Or do you automate every single piece of it? A lot of companies still spend too much time manually creating and updating...

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