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Google InMarket Leads: a Complete Overview

11-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux Google Analytics has always been an effective tool for determining what your audience is interested in – and what they’re not. As the years have gone by, however, Google Analytics hasn’t changed all that much. Sure,...

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Google Tools for Small Business Owners

11-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi The Google Innovations Keynote this year included coverage of Google marketing tools specifically for small business owners. This includes building a free website, creating ads easily, using Google My Business (GMB) and free training...

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Developing Your Social Media Strategy

10-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi Many people make the mistake of jumping into social media without a plan. You hear about the audience size on a channel and automatically think “We need to be there.” That’s not the case - with the exception of...

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