The ultimate guide to marketing data analytics

Log in to your Google Analytics dashboard, and you’ll see hundreds of metrics across a variety of reports. Slice and dice that data, viewing website information depending on the visitor’s referral source, device, operating system… Feeling overwhelmed? The even more…

12-MINUTE READ | By Elise Dopson

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Advertising without cookies: How to excel at performance marketing, reporting, and converting in a privacy-centric world

In recent years, the outcry for data privacy has greatly increased. Governments worldwide have rolled out laws mandating privacy, forcing large tech companies to meet legal requirements and consumer expectations. Safari and Firefox are already blocking third-party cookies, and Google…

6-MINUTE READ | By Luke Kline

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Freelance affiliate marketing: a quick guide

Can freelance marketing consultants use affiliate marketing to build an additional stream of income? Let’s find out. To add some practical insights into the topic, I collaborated with four Supermetrics affiliate partners who shared their experience with freelance affiliate marketing….

11-MINUTE READ | By Johannes Rastas

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