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Property Sets: Determine Your Overall Property Success

PROPERTY SETS · 6-MINUTE READ ·  By Misty Faucheux on January 23 2017. It’s been nearly a year since Google introduced property sets. When Google released property sets back in spring 2016, marketers rejoiced since they could now see total clicks and impressions of...

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New Year, New Connector: Custom JSON/CSV

NEW CONNECTOR · 4-MINUTE READ ·  By Supermetrics on January 18 2017. Many of you have requested us to add data sources, that we don’t yet support. And there there’s a big variety in them: from SEO and A/B testing tools to companies’ own CRM systems as well as public...

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Analyze Your User 's Behavior In Depth: Cohort Analysis

COHORT ANALYSIS • 6 - MINUTE READ • by Sumi Goonetilleke on January 2 2017 Do users really engage with your content? Use the right tool to find out! You often publish articles, run a campaign or post news worthy blog posts but you don’t really know how your readers...

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Five Analytics Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Use

ANALYTICS TOOLS · 6-MINUTE READ · By Paul Koks on December 19, 2016 As a digital marketer you should not limit yourself to one or two analytics tools. Your understanding of your visitors and customers will start to explode once you combine the insights of multiple...

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Why Your Conversion Rate is Wrong and How to Fix it

CONVERSION RATE · 6-MINUTE READ · By Paul Koks on November 28 2016 The conversion rate is one of the most common metrics that companies rely on when they optimize their business. But how do you actually measure it; can you trust your numbers? We all have our own set...

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New Bing Ads: Campaign Creation Workflow and Expanded Text Ads

BING ADS NEW USER INTERFACE · 5-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on November 21 2016. Bing Ads has taken steps to better compete against AdWords and similar platforms. Microsoft has released a new version of the campaign creation workflow. The goal of this update is to...

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How to Build An Insightful PPC Report in 5 Simple Steps

PPC REPORTS· 4-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on November 9 2016.   Your PPC reports display the effectiveness of your campaigns to internal and external clients, and stakeholders. Yet, most marketers still don’t know what they should include in their reports,...

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4 Brilliant TED Talks That Will Make You a Better Data Analyst

DATA ANALYSIS · 6-MINUTE READ · By Oscar Santolalla on October 17 2016   Think of your favorite artist. Think of an inventor you admire. For them, new ideas are essential, like their everyday’s meal. Without new ideas, they could not create anything great.  ...

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Five Custom Filter Types Every Business Owner Should Set Up

CUSTOM FILTER · 6-MINUTE READ · By Paul Koks on October 10 2016    Google Analytics collects data at the property level, but you have the powerful option to create separate reporting views. Most often the difference between what data is being collected in each...

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How to Measure Conversion After The Retirement of Converted Clicks

ADWORDS' RETIRING CONVERTED CLICKS · 8-MINUTE READ ·  By Misty Faucheux on September 23 2016    If you’ve been in AdWords lately, you’ve seen the notification that Google is retiring Converted Clicks. In fact, it will no longer support the metric starting on September...

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