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The site is now AutomateAnalytics

I've just renamed my site to For quite some time, I've thought "Mikael's Page" wasn't the best possible name for the site, but haven't had the time to make the change. So now it's much clearer from the title and URL what this site is about - of...

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Fetching tweets to Excel/Word/PPT/Google Docs

Update: due to changes made by Twitter, this script does not work at the moment. We have published a new version that is now included in our Supermetrics Functions product. Our project of the day: creating a solution for fetching a list of tweets by keyword from...

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Google Analytics data to Google Docs

UPDATE March 2014: We've published a new Google Docs add-on that makes it very simple to get your metrics from Google Analytics and other sources: Supermetrics for Google Docs UPDATE: Due to changes by Google, this no longer works. We have a new version available...

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Function for fetching a list of GA profiles

UPDATE: This function has been replaced by the getGAaccountData function, see addition to the functions included in the previous post, I created a third function, getGAprofiles. With this...

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