Update: this tool is no longer being developed. For another tool that can do everything this tool can and much more, see GA Data Grabber: GA Data Grabber

I’ve created a new version of my data visualization tool, MT Google Analytics Visualizer. With this tool you can visualize Google Analytics data in many ways not possible through the GA user interface or with other tools using the GA API. The sophisticated analysis capabilities give you a much deeper understanding on what’s happening on your sites.

A demo version of tool (restricted to three GA profiles, and to data from January-March 2009) can be downloaded here. The full version can be purchased for 59 USD per GA user account here:

(Before buying, test your network connection with the demo version – proxy or firewall settings may prevent the app from making queries)
The biggest change to the first version is the option to plot any dimension on the category axis, instead of just day, week or month. You can also now plot calculated metrics like bounce rates and conversion rates. Advanced segments are also supported. Works in Windows Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010; macros need to be enabled.
The tool is based on my GA Excel functions, the most versatile method of importing Google Analytics data into Excel and other MS Office applications.
With the added metrics and the ability to cross-tabulate dimensions, there’s a large range of interesting analyses that can be done using the tool. Here are a few examples.

Browser and browser version by week: readability of the chart is not that great, but still it’s quite interesting (click to enlarge).

Landing page vs source of new visitors: summarizes on which pages traffic coming from various sources lands.

Average visit length by visit count and connection speed: visitors who have visited the site before stay longer than first-timers, but the average session lengths don’t increase much after the 6th or 7th visit. Visitors with dialup connections have the same pattern but on a lower level.

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