We’ve just uploaded a new version of the AdWords Addin for Excel. This new version uses the new AdWords API version, which means you don’t need to pay by usage anymore – the only cost is the annual license price (currently $199 USD per MCC). When using the functions, you no longer input an AdWords developer token as a parameter.

We’ve also simplified usage so that you no longer need to select a report type. Just select which fields you wish to fetch, and the tool will automatically determine the optimal report type in the background. The field names are also no longer case-sensitive. All this makes usage of the tool much easier.

Download a demo worksheet here. (Type your AdWords login credentials and the tool will automatically fetch some data for you. You can see how the functions are used and modify the parameters, and add new instances of the functions)

For more information and pricing, visit http://analyticsfunctions.supermetrics.com/

(Using this tool requires learning some basics of array function usage in Excel. For an easier tool, you should check out GA Data Grabber)

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