Producing great-looking reports automatically is one of the big benefits of using GA Data Grabber: you don’t need to spend time formatting the data and creating charts, as GADG does all this for you. Still, we’ve noticed that in addition to the built-in GADG report formats, many people also build their own dashboards and visualizations that use the GA Data Grabber reports as data source. To make this easier, we’re releasing a new report type in GA Data Grabber: unformatted raw data reports. These contain the data in a simple, unformatted table that can be used as a source for dashboards, pivot tables, charts etc. See screenshots below of a raw data report and a regular formatted report.


Raw data report
Formatted report
We’ve also added the option to run “summed” reports. If you select more than one Google Analytics profile/AdWords account/Bing Ads account/YouTube video to the report, GA Data Grabber will ask whether you prefer to see stats for each of them separetely or all summed up. This new feature makes it easy to run reports that sum metrics from many sites.
Report type selection

Both of these new features are available in the newest GA Data Grabber version in Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing Ads and YouTube reports (they are not yet available in Facebook reports), and work in both Windows and Mac Excel. You can get the latest version here.

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