After the transition of Yahoo Search Marketing to Microsoft AdCenter (formerly known as MSN AdCenter) last year, AdCenter now serves ads to both Bing and Yahoo search engines, and currently has around 30 % of the US market. To help advertisers working with AdCenter, we are now introducing a new tool, GA Data Grabber AdCenter Module, which makes it easy to see how your ad campaigns are doing. 

To test for yourself, download GA Data Grabber and log into the AdCenter module.

The simple interface of the tools makes it easy to run reports, but it’s also very flexible, allowing to conduct analyses not possible via the AdCenter web interface. You can freely specify which metrics to include in a report and how to split them (for example, by time, by campaign, ad, keyword etc). Running reports for many campaigns is very fast, and you can easily duplicate reports for multiple accounts, if you are managing more than one. GA Data Grabber automatically creates charts out of the results, and you can export them to PowerPoint by the press of a button. GA Data Grabber works in MS Excel, making it easy to modify the reports and do additional calculations with the data.

GA Data Grabber is a huge time saver for anyone working with search engine marketing. The very low annual cost is easily outweighed by the time you save when using this tool to track campaign performance. And there’s a free trial with full functionality, so you can test that this is true before buying.

Screenshots: report builder interface; report with campaign data on date level. Click to enlarge.

In addition to Microsoft AdCenter, GA Data Grabber can access Google Analytics and AdWords data. Click here for more information on GA Data Grabber. We’re also marketing the AdCenter module separately as AdCenter Data Grabber.

If you’re working with AdCenter, give GA Data Grabber a try straight away!

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