UPDATE: Due to changes by Google, this tool no longer works. Instead, you should check out the AutomateAnalytics Functions, which you can use to create a report similar to this, and countless others – it’s the most flexible way of getting Google Analytics and AdWords data into Excel and Google Spreadsheet.
It’s been some time since I’ve last released anything free of charge, but now’s the time! By following this link, you can download an Excel tool which fetches Google Analytics metrics by hour of day, and splits that by day of week and by date. Once logged in, you can pick any of your Analytics profiles, and filter the results by an advanced segment. You can freely set a date range, and pick one of many metrics.

This works using my Analytics VBA functions, is completely free to use and does not require installing a plugin! The only thing it requires is that you enable macros in Excel’s security settings (see instructions). (Currently works on Windows only – if someone’s interested in contributing to the development cost, I can adapt it to Mac Excel too.)
The inspiration for this comes from an episode of Google’s Web Analytics TV, where someone asked if it’s possible to create a report like this, and was pointed to use a paid solution, which requires a plugin installation. In general, any dashboards like these can easily be created using my VBA functions for free with a few minutes of work (though it did take me almost an hour and half to build this one, since I wanted to add a nice interface too). It’s even easier with our GA Data Grabber tool, which you can use to quickly create any of these reports, and which is not restricted to a predefined set of dashboards.

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