Magical self-updating Powerpoint (fetches data from Google Analytics)

Using the Google Analytics VBA functions is by far the most convenient in Excel, but they work in Powerpoint too: this example PPT automatically updates itself with the latest figures from your Google Analytics profile (you need to have macros enabled in Powerpoint). Picture of wizard included.
If you’re interested in getting a customized Powerpoint presentation with always up-to-date figures from your GA profiles, please contact me at

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  1. Brandt Dainow

    This is MEGA!!!!!!!!!!
    You just need to ensure you change the security settings on Macros (tools-macros-security) to LOW. Powerpoint’s default security setting will disable this code without telling you. I tried it at medium, where powerpoint is supposed to ask about running macros, but that didn’t work. LOW works great.


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