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Google Search Console has an annoying limitation of only providing data for the last 90 days. While there’s no way to get around that limitation, we’ve just added a new feature to our system that makes it super simple to get longer time series by automatically stitching together results fetched at different times. With our new feature, when you first run a query, we store the results on our servers, and when you later update the query, the newest results are merged with the existing ones. All this happens automatically in the background, and you don’t need to do anything except turn on this new feature.

This feature is available now in all our reporting tools:

  • If using our Google Drive add-on, check the “Combine new results with old” setting on the Options tab of our add-on sidebar. (For existing queries, you can also type “COMBINE_RESULTS” into Special settings on the SupermetricsQueries sheet.)
  • If using Supermetrics Data Grabber for Excel, after creating a report normally, click “Modify query” and type “COMBINE_RESULTS” into Advanced settings on the querystorage sheet.
  • If using Supermetrics Functions, type “COMBINE_RESULTS” into the settings parameter.

This new setting works with all queries that split by month, week or date. You should set the query date range to last 90 days. Note that old results can only be merged with new ones if the selected accounts, metrics, dimensions and filters remain the same. If those are modified in any way, our system won’t merge the results.

It’s important to note that when this setting is used, your query results are stored for the long term on Supermetrics servers. The results are available only to you, and we don’t make any use of the data other than for your queries. If you stop querying the data using our tools, it will automatically be deleted within six months of the last query.



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