3-MINUTE READ ·  By Axel Queffeulou on October 24 2016.

As a leader in digital marketing, iProspect has a large and diversified client portfolio. When faced with such a large number of clients and projects, agencies must constantly find new ways to make their processes more efficient, regardless of the type of work they are confronted with.

When it comes to dashboards and report creation, management and organization issues can emerge. In fact, time could be spent needlessly on reports, time where many errors could be made.

To solve these problems, iProspect analysts are happy to use Supermetrics, which we have found to be the right tool for this issue. Indeed, in just a few seconds it allows us to grab all the data needed from various APIs. With just a few clicks, informative and stylish dashboards as well as complex reports can be updated.

Additionally, the flexibility of the software is incomparable. There is a choice between an Excel or a Google Drive Spreadsheet version. Although both versions are quite similar, Supermetrics allows you to leverage the benefits and power of each platform. The choice will simply depend on your needs.

For example, what if the iProspect Paid Search Team Leads want to follow the performance of their campaigns running on several platforms (Google Ads, Bing, Facebook Ads) on a daily basis with a quick snapshot? In a single worksheet that can be automatically updated on the Google Drive version, the managers get a clear and comprehensive overview of what’s happening without having to jump across different platforms for all campaigns that are being managed by analysts within their team.

Furthermore, Supermetrics provides a great way to avoid data sampling in Google Analytics by partitioning the data. Oftentimes sampling can significantly impact the data and consequently skew the reports. For companies that cannot afford to have a Premium Google Analytics account, this feature gives Supermetrics a strong competitive advantage

These benefits, and many others, make Supermetrics a top choice for iProspect when it comes to dashboards and reporting automation.

 iprospect client reporting dashboard

How iProspect uses Supermetrics

1. Overspend Control Dashboard

iProspect uses Supermetrics to get the daily cost data for Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, Adwords and Bing Ads and compare the sum to our budget. An automatic email-triggering system alerts the managers by email as soon as spend goes over budget (which is very rare, by the way!)

ad spend tracking in google sheets

2. Budget Pacing for a specific Paid Media account

Our Paid Media specialist uses Supermetrics to plan their budget spend overtime and keep on eye across the account they manage.

budget pacing report

3. Data Collector for a third-party

One of the great thing of Supermetrics is the ability to query multiple accounts (let’s say Google Ads account) in one single query. Other tools in the industry would only have API connectors to access a single account. iProspect uses Supermetrics to gather data from multiple accounts at the same time and we use the collected data as an input for Data Visualization third-party systems.

3rd party data collector

4. Bing Ads Cost Data Upload

In Google Analytics, we all know the Adwords connection is great to have the clicks/impressions/cost data in GA. For Search Engine Marketing, Adwords is just one part of the picture. With Supermetrics, we use the Bing Ads Cost Data Uploader to fill the gap and get the data from Bing Ads to GA!


Since we’ve started to use Supermetrics a few years ago, we’ve been adding more and more licenses to our account.  Some of our internal development projects were abandoned because Supermetrics would deliver more solid solutions at a cheaper rate.

In a data-driven environment we’re building today (Internet of things, Big Data, BI… you name it), at iProspect we do think it’s important to know how to use smart and agile solutions like Supermetrics . We do it on a day-to-day basis to get quick automation wins and get on with other projects.

About Axel Queffeulou

Axel Queffeulou

As an engineer, Axel has been using his technical skills for the past five years at some of Montreal’s largest agencies In addition to developing new client-related services, Axel offers his knowledge and support in data and reporting to the Paid and Earned Media departments. Beyond client service, to fill his obsession with analytics, Axel enriches the world by giving back and teaching Digital Analytics at conferences, university classes and trainings. Similarly, Axel wants to see analytics properly used dispersed in all industries.

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