Since I published the Google Analytics VBA functions for Windows Excel in 2009, lots of people have contacted me hoping to find a similar solution for Mac Excel. After several months of development and testing, we now have this solution ready: Google Analytics and AdWords data can now be fetched directly to an Excel spreadsheet on Mac Office 2011!

We have currently implemented this technology in GA Data Grabber, our sophisticated tool for fetching and visualizing Google Analytics and AdWords data in Excel. You can download the demo version hereGA Data Grabber works with the Mac Excel 2011 (Mac Excel 2004/2008 are not supported), and of course, Windows Excel 2003 and later. All the Windows functionality is available also on Mac, but fetching data is somewhat slower, due to restrictions in Mac Excel.

If you have any questions regarding our Google Analytics solution for Mac Excel, please contact us at

Screenshots of GA Data Grabber working in Mac Excel

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