At the Google Analytics Conference in October, Google published a new cost import API, which allows importing cost data into Google Analytics. This API has now been rolled out to all GA users, so we’re ready to introduce our new tool, GA Data Uploader, which uses the new API to link your Bing Ads accounts with GA.
Our aim with GA Data Uploader was to create a tool that makes it as simple as possible to use the new API, without needing to worry about any of the technical details. With our tool, it won’t make more than 5 minutes to get your automatic daily upload running! The only steps you need to take are:

  • Log into Google Analytics & Bing Ads
  • Pick which Bing Ads account is the data source
  • Pick which Google Analytics web property is the target
  • Add a custom data source into the GA web property, if you haven’t added one yet
  • Press “Schedule uploads”
After you’ve scheduled the upload, it runs automatically every day, and you can see your Bing Ads cost data in GA’s Traffic Sources: Cost Analysis report:
The data can also be accessed with Google Analytics custom reports, as well as any reporting tools that use the Google Analytics API, such as our GA Data Grabber
Having Bing Ads cost data in GA brings two big benefits:
  • You can measure Bing Ads ROI: compare ad cost with GA’s ecommerce and goal conversion metrics
  • You can see all cpc data in one place, no need to log into Bing to check how the campaigns are doing

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