Update: the new version has been released and can now be downloaded from http://supermetrics.com/product/supermetrics-data-grabber/

We’ve been working on a big update to GA Data Grabber. We’re now at the beta stage – you can download the beta version here.

I’ll write a more detailed post on the new features once this version comes out of beta, but some main feature included:

  • A new Facebook module: gets the metrics for your Facebook fan pages and applications into Excel, making it easy to analyze. You’ll get many metrics not available elsewhere.
  • Much easier filtering
  • Exporting reports to a separate Excel file
  • Option to use a template with the PowerPoint export feature
  • Improvements to the automatically created charts
There are many other changes too. But there may be some bugs left too – if you notice any, please let us know (info@supermetrics.com). Of course, other feedback on the new features, and especially the Facebook module, is also welcome.

More information on GA Data Grabber can be found here.

We hope you enjoy the new version!

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