We have recently added several major new features to GA Data Grabber. Here’s a brief overview of the most important ones. To test them for yourself, download the latest version here.

Support for multiple Analytics logins

GA Data Grabber now lets you log in with multiple Analytics users (Google Accounts) simultaneously. This is a handy feature if you don’t have a single user account that has access to all the Analytics accounts you need to follow, for example, if you have a separate user account for each of your clients. When you log in with multiple users, the accounts and profiles these users have access to are all consolidated into a single profile list, and you can run reports that combine data between profiles from different users

Support for OAuth authentication

When you log into the Analytics module of GA Data Grabber, authenticating with Google Analytics is now done with OAuth. This means that authenticating happens in your Internet browser on a Google webpage, and you never need to enter your login credentials to GA Data Grabber. GA Data Grabber will never have access to your full login credentials, and its access rights are restricted to your Google Analytics data (GA Data Grabber cannot access other parts of your Google Account). You can revoke this access right at any time from your Google Account’s control panel. To provide extra security, GA Data Grabber also uses SSL encrypted HTTPS connections for data transfer. These elements guarantee the your privacy and the safety of your data, and are especially important considering recent reports of vulnerabilities in Google’s ClientLogin authentication, which is used by many other Analytics API tools. See GA Data Grabber’s full privacy policy here.

Reports with dynamic date ranges

In addition to using fixed date ranges, you can now run reports for a dynamic date range, such as the previous full month, year to date, or last 7 days. Whenever you refresh a report that has a dynamic date range, the dates will be automatically updated to cover the chosen period. This makes it even easier to run your periodic reports with GA Data Grabber.

To test these new feature, download the latest version of GA Data Grabber here

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