One popular report of Google Analytics is Content Drilldown, which lets you see the metrics per content on different directory levels, instead of by individual URL. This report isn’t available through the Analytics API directly, but we have now managed to add it into GA Data Grabber, by parsing it from the available data. There are four new dimensions available in GA Data Grabber: page directory levels 1 to 4 (you’ll find these in the “Split by” dropdown menus under “Content”). These dimensions range from a more general to more detailed categorization of your content. For instance, for the URL “”, the values for these dimensions would be:

Page directory level 1:  /2011/
Page directory level 2:  /2011/03/
Page directory level 3:  /2011/03/google-analytics-adwords-tool-for-mac.html
Page directory level 4:  /2011/03/google-analytics-adwords-tool-for-mac.html

If the URL has less directory levels than specified in the dimension, then GA Data Grabber will return the full URL, but query strings (starting with “?”) and fragment identifiers (starting with “#”) are automatically stripped. You can of course still also access the complete URL by using the Page path dimension.

The new dimensions make it easy and fast to get a view of how the different site sections are performing. For example, take a look at this screenshot of a report that plots pageviews for directory level 1 by week:

To get your hands on the new features, go download the latest version of GA Data Grabber. There’s a free 7 day trial, and with the annual price for the full version at just $139, you’d be crazy not buy it!

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