GA Data Grabber – New version in 3D!

Version 1.1 of GA Data Grabber, the tool that helps you analyze multiple Google Analytics profiles, is now out!

There are several new features that make this tool even more useful for people working with many profiles:

  • New visualizations: The tool now really takes advantage of Excel’s charting capabilities, and lets you look at your data in many ways not seen before!
  • Segmenting by a dimension: Now you can choose one dimension as a “segmenting dimension”, and the tool will automatically split the data by that dimension (generating a pivot table using that dimension as column headers). See attached screenshot, where data is split by week and year, and traffic source is used as the segmenting dimension.
  • Refreshing reports: You can now¬†quickly refresh reports you’ve created, updating the figures every week for example.
  • Linked PowerPoints: The tool can generate PPTs with charts that are linked to the Excel file – when you refresh the queries with new data in Excel, the charts are updated automatically
  • In addition, there are dozens of minor improvements and fixes.

To download a demo version of GA Data Grabber and to purchase the full version, visit the GA Data Grabber site.

Existing customers will receive the update for free – I will contact you by email.

2 Responses to “GA Data Grabber – New version in 3D!”

  1. Mkg OFM

    We use GA Data Grabber for our fives sites (70 millions pages views a month)

    and it is amazing !

    Combination of GA API and excell is the best idea ever. I tried a lot of products and GA Data Grabber is outstanding.

    It’s the only way to manage a big amount of data, get quick analysis, compares sites KPI.

    For the price of two web analytics books you will get the best way of discovering your data.

    Thanks a lot Mikael

    Jean Louis Francois
    CMO Ouest France Multimedia
    Rennes (France)


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