GA Data Grabber at the Google Analytics Conference

We were really happy to be one of only five tool vendors that Google invited to have a booth at the Google Analytics Conference held last week in Mountain View, California. The conference was attended by 400 Google Analytics Certified Partners and Google Analytics Premium clients from over the world.
Lots of great new stuff were announced by Google, including the cost import API, which allows you to import cost data from other data sources into Google Analytics. We received early access to this new API and for the conference, we released a new tool, GA Data Uploader, which uses this new API to import Bing Ads data into GA. In our booth, we did of course also display GA Data Grabber, the #1 reporting tool for GA. Both tools got a lot of attention from conference attendees, and we’re sure we will be getting many new customers soon! It was also great meeting many of our existing customers in person for the first time.
Some photos from our booth:

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  1. Maxim Uvarov

    Yep It has! And by the way internal Yandex.Direct statistic interfaces are not comparable to google adwords statistics. It is hard-to-use and hard-to-update with really poor functionality.
    But, All the statistics data is available via API.
    Mikael, you should really think about it! Russia is currently number 1 by internet users in Europe. And yandex direct is dominating google adwords by marketshare here.

    And we do not have any public Services or Applications to work with Yandex Direct statistics.


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