UPDATE: This function has been replaced by the getGAaccountData function, see http://supermetrics.com/2009/08/excel-functions-for-fetching-data.html
In addition to the functions included in the previous post, I created a third function, getGAprofiles. With this fucntion you can fetch a list of the Analytics profiles to which the authenticated user has access rights. The only required input for the function is the token that is generated by the getGAauthenticationToken function. The function fills three columns, and has to be inputted as an array formula (select the cells, write the function in the formula bar, and press ctrl+shift+enter).

The code for the function is here.

The benefit of this function is that it makes it possible to build dashboards and applications where the profile list is not predefined, but is created dynamically depending on the user’s access rights. I made an example Excel to show how to use this function (with the other two functions) to combine data from three profiles into a graph – just input your Analytics login information and it should work (macros have to be enabled of course)

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