UPDATE: Google is shutting down the free Translation API on which this solution depends. Instead, they have published a new paid API that you can access with our new translation add-in. Though it’s not free, it’s not expensive either, and it’s much faster and more reliable than the old free solution. There’s a free trial so you can test before purchasing.

We created a new VBA function that uses the Google Translate API to translate text in Excel (or other MS Office applications). The only input the function requires is the text you want translated, and the code of the language you want it translated to (for example ‘en’ for English). Google Translate can automatically detect the source language, though you may also specify it in the function parameters if you so wish. The code for the function is here, and an Excel file showing it in use is here [Links removed due to the API shut down]. The file also contains a list of supported languages.

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