When the Google Analytics API was published in 2009, the first solution to get GA data into Excel that was releasesd was Excellent Analytics. Soon thereafter, Supermetrics founder Mikael Thuneberg released a set of VBA functions that also retrieved GA data into Excel: getGAdata, getGAauthenticationToken, getGAprofiles and getGAaccountData. Google detailed these in a blog article in August 2009 (including also solutions released by Tatvic and Shufflepoint) .

The original solutions have been available and working ever since, but now on April 20 2015, Google will shut down the ClientLogin authentication method that these tools rely on. This means the free version of Excellent Analytics as well as the old version of Thuneberg’s functions* will stop working, so if you are still using these, you should start migrating to another solution immediately:

  • For Excellent Analytics users, we recommend Supermetrics Data Grabber, a much more powerful Google Analytics data fetcher that also connects to many other data sources. Formerly known as GA Data Grabber.
  • For users of the old getGAdata function, the easiest migration is to Supermetrics Functions: simply download the new VBA code, attach it to our old workbooks, and instead of using getGAauthenticationToken for authentication, fetch a token from supermetrics.com/functions-login
  • If using Google Drive instead of Excel is an option, you should check out Supermetrics for Google Drive. The free version is very powerful, and in addition, there’s a paid Pro version with even more features.

Migrating all your reporting can be a pain, but the silver lining is that you will then also get access to many useful features like avoiding GA data sampling, multi-channel funnels data, and automatic chart and pivot table creation.

The change will also break GA Data Grabber versions older than 1.38 (released in May 2011). If you have a valid Data Grabber license and are still using a version that old, you can download the newest one here.

*We later used these functions as basis for developing Supermetrics Functions, which will not be affected by the Google changes.

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