We have developed a new solution for fetching pay-per-call advertising data from the Marchex API to Excel with a set of VBA functions. This provides a great deal of flexibility for pay-per-call campaign analysis, as you are no longer tied to the built-in Marchex reports. It’s also simple to combine the campaign metrics with data from other sources (for example, Google Analytics data, or sales data from your internal systems).

The functions can fetch data such as

  • Number of Calls
  • Unique Leads
  • Domain Referrals
  • Ad List
  • My Numbers

The data can be split by various dimensions; for example, you can fetch the number of calls by date and by campaign. There are many other dimensions available too, such as:
  • Call status (answered, hang-up, etc.)
  • Group
  • Tag
  • Caller name & number

The functions are used in the same manner as our Google Analytics and AdWords functions – they can be used directly on the worksheet like any of Excel’s built-in functions. This makes it very easy to build dashboards that combine pay-per-call data with other metrics such as web analytics or PPC data – all that is required is some basic Excel skills (no VBA knowledge is necessary).

You can test the functions using this file (there’s a free 14 trial)
You can either buy a copy of the functions that you can use to build reports on your own, or hire us to create a complete dashboard for you. For more information and purchasing, please contact info@supermetrics.com.

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