UPDATE March 2014: We’ve published a new Google Docs add-on that makes it even easier to get your metrics from AdWords and other sources: Supermetrics for Google Docs

Our AutomateAnalytics Functions provide a great way of building AdWords reports in Google Spreadsheets. The functions can be typed to spreadsheet cells, and using the function parameters, you can get all kinds of data available in AdWords. This allows you to create a Google Spreadsheet dashboards with exactly the data you want. You can then take advantage of all of Google Spreadsheet’s formatting and sharing features to use the spreadsheets for either internal analysis or client reporting. If you’re also using Bing Ads, you can add Bing CPC data into the same reports (the functions can also fetch data from Google Analytics and YouTube, and soon from Facebook Insights and Flickr).

To illustrate what you can do with these functions, we’ve created a new AdWords reporting spreadsheet that you can find here. Open the sheet, fetch an authentication token from analyticsfunctions.com and paste it to the sheet. It will then automatically fetch your data into the reports. We’ve configured five reports:

  • Monthly metrics: your main metrics per month for each campaign and ad group. You can define how many years of data to fetch
  • Top ad groups
  • Top ads
  • Top keywords
  • Keyword vs. matched search query combinations
Using the instructions here you can add your own queries to fetch any AdWords data listed in this document. With AutomateAnalytics Functions, you can easily create completely customized CPC reports, add advanced calculations and visualizations, and join with data from other sources. You’re no longer limited to the built-in reporting options of AdWords or to inflexible (and much more expensive) 3rd party reporting tools like Raven Tools.

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