We’re happy to introduce our new Google Analytics tool for Excel users, FasterMetrics. It’s an easy-to-use plugin that gets your Google Analytics data into Excel, and works on both Mac and Windows Excel. It’s similar to a tool called Excellent Analytics, but it also works in Mac OS X, is faster, and lets you set all your query parameters dynamically using Excel functions – this makes it possible to automate complex reporting dashboards. Compared to GA Data Grabber, FasterMetrics has more limited functionality, as it lacks some features like automatic data visualization and exporting to PowerPoint, but for some purposes, a simple tool like this can be more convenient.

FasterMetrics is currently in beta: you can download the beta version here. After opening the file, on Windows Excel 2007/2010 you will see the button to launch it in the Add-ins tab. In Mac Excel 2011, you will see a custom toolbar pop up.

You can use the full version FasterMetrics for 30 days for free. After that, you can choose to pay for the full version, or continue to use the tool for free, with limited functionality.

We’re still developing the tool, with the aim to get it out of beta in August. If you have any feature suggestions or problems with the tool, please post these to our help forum. Thanks.

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