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Getting More from Google Data Studio: Advanced Tips and Techniques

GOOGLE DATA STUDIO FEATURES · 10-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on July 31 2017. Google Data Studio offers advanced reporting visualization that includes customizable dashboards, charts and graphs. While the product is fairly new, marketers have embraced the platform since it allows them to show different data in a more visually appealing way. Yet,… Read more »

Building an Adwords and Facebook Ads Dashboard in Data Studio

ADWORDS AND FB ADS DASHBOARD · 8-MINUTE READ · By David Krevitt on July 18 2017. In this post we walk through how to build a FB Ads + Adwords dashboard in Google Data Studio. If you’d like to skip straight to the template, you can make a copy here. No one disputes that Data… Read more »

Facebook Insights Template for Data Studio

FACEBOOK INSIGHTS GOOGLE DATA STUDIO · 5-MINUTE READ · By Miguel Cedeno on May 29 2017. Facebook Insights is a great tool – it allows you to understand the performance of your Facebook Page. Perhaps more importantly, it also uses diverse metrics to help you improve your overall Facebook strategy. In the template we’re sharing… Read more »

How to Copy Data Studio’s AdWords Template for Facebook, Bing and Twitter in 9 Minutes

GOOGLE DATA STUDIO TEMPLATES · 10-MINUTE READ · By Supermetrics on May 8 2017. First things first. Let’s start with results. Here is the Adwords Overview template Google Data Studio offers. And these are the reports I copied for Facebook, Bing and Twitter. Facebook Ads Data sheet here: Bing Ads Data sheet… Read more »

How to Make A Google Data Studio Dashboard for Adwords, Facebook, Twitter & Bing Data

DATA STUDIO PAID CHANNEL MIX · 9-MINUTE READ · By Supermetrics on April 18 2017. How to Make A Google Data Studio Dashboard for Adwords,Facebook,Twitter & Bing Data In our last post, we showed how to make a Facebook Ads dashboard in Data Studio. We posted it on Supermetrics blog. After 4 hours it got… Read more »

Google Data Studio: Creating Reports With Calculated Metrics

GOOGLE DATA STUDIO REPORTS · 6-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi on April 11 2017. By now, we hope you have become familiar with Data Studio, still in Beta but available to anyone with a Google account. In an earlier post on our blog, you learned how to use Supermetrics for Google Sheets with Data… Read more »

Free Data Studio Template and Tutorial: Facebook Ads

GOOGLE DATA STUDIO TUTORIAL · 10-MINUTE READ · By Supermetrics on March 28 2017. Google Data Studio is a lovely reporting tool for PPC and SEO. There are some great ways to use Data Studio to create beautiful reports. What’s even better, Google just made it globally available and free for everyone. We believe Data… Read more »