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The New AdWords Budget Change: What Does It Mean for You?

ADWORDS BUDGET CHANGE · 10-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on November 14 2017. At the beginning of October, AdWords users received a notification that campaigns can now spend up to twice the average daily budget in order to meet campaign goals. According to Google, advertisers “won’t be charged more than the monthly charging limit:… Read more »

Reach Target Audiences with Google Analytics and AdWords

STRATEGIC REMARKETING · 9-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi on November 8 2017. Remarketing is a good addition to any advertiser’s toolkit but it needs to be strategic. Your prospects are not everyone and the same applies to your remarketing lists. You have loyal customers and prospects that are deciding whether or not to buy… Read more »

Choosing the Best Marketing Reporting Tool

MARKETING REPORTING TOOLS · 9-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on October 30 2017. These days, marketers are being put under increasing pressure to “prove” that marketing dollars are being put to effective use. No more are the days of simply throwing up an ad on television or a post on a social network, and… Read more »

Supermetrics Functions: Tips for Working with Data in Spreadsheets

SUPERMETRICS FUNCTIONS · 9-MINUTE READ · By Joshua Goy on October 24 2017. If you are a fan of using spreadsheets for data analysis like I am, be sure to try out a “secret weapon” that I use for marketing reporting – Supermetrics Functions. This tool is a custom function, which can pull multiple metrics… Read more »

Creating Search Engine Keyword Rank Tracking Dashboards with Supermetrics

KEYWORD RANK TRACKING DASHBOARDS · 13-MINUTE READ · By Ryan Purkey on October 17 2017. Recording historical, accurate, landing-page-targeted keyword rankings is critical to building up organic traffic to a site. For sites tracking keywords in hundreds, this guide will detail how you can measure and improve these rankings. Data in these reports will come… Read more »

Reach Your Audience on YouTube with Video Ads

YOUTUBE AUDIENCES · 9-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi on October 10 2017. 1.5 billion logged in viewers visit YouTube  every single month and spend over an hour a day on that marketing channel. As a marketer, are you leveraging YouTube to reach the right people? Now that Google will allow advertisers to target YouTube… Read more »

6 Marketing Metrics Every SaaS Company Should Track and Report

MARKETING METRICS · 8-MINUTE READ · By Mustafa Khundmiri on October 3 2017. Growing a SaaS business is not an easy task. The environment requires you to constantly attract a high volume of leads and turn them into recurring customers. With people able to cancel their membership at any time, your bottom line is never… Read more »

6 Adwords Ad Copy Tests to Improve Your Ad Performance

ADWORDS AD COPY TESTS · 6-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on September 25, 2017. We marketers are busy. We are often pulled in a myriad of directions on a daily basis, meaning that we frequently don’t have time to really focus on the nuts and bolts of our many campaigns. This can result in… Read more »

No More Adwords App Install Campaigns: Google Switches to Universal App Campaigns

UNIVERSAL APP CAMPAIGNS · 8-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on September 18 2017. If you’ve been running an AdWords app install campaign, you might have recently received a notification informing you that app install campaigns will be phased out in favor of Universal App Campaigns (UAC). These campaigns have been around for nearly two… Read more »

How To Avoid Google Analytics Sampling in Data Studio

GOOGLE ANALYTICS SAMPLING · 8-MINUTE READ · By Paul Koks on September 11 2017. In my experience, sampling is one of the top frustations many marketers and data analysts have to deal with. Google Analytics is a great tool, but unreliable data is something you want to avoid at all costs. In this post you… Read more »

Top 5 Advanced Use Cases for Supermetrics in PPC Management

ADVANCED USE CASES · 9-MINUTE READ · By Supermetrics on September 5 2017. As you probably know and have tried, Supermetrics is great for basic PPC reporting, like monthly reports for your Adwords or Facebook Ads campaigns. What you may not have realized is that there is a lot more you can do with Supermetrics… Read more »

How to Create Perfect Marketing Reports from Blank Google Sheets

MARKETING REPORT · 15-MINUTE READ · By Stephen Dawson on August 31 2017. It goes without saying that the perfect report is a top tool and ally for many marketers. Perfection isn’t easy to come by however and there are many factors to champion in order to achieve top quality. When it comes to marketing… Read more »

Dynamic Search Ads: Improve Your AdWords Strategy

DYNAMIC SEARCH ADS · 8-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi on August 28 2017. Do you enjoy doing keyword research? Probably not. It is one of the more tedious steps with Google AdWords campaigns. Depending on how many people are involved, it can be a lengthy process if you have to get pre-approval from other… Read more »

Which PPC Metrics are the Most Important?

PPC ANALYTICS · 6-MINUTE READ · By Sherice Jacob on August 22 2017. Being able to understand and make informed decisions based on PPC analytics is vital to getting the highest return on investment from your ad spend. But are some analytics more important than others? And if so, which ones? In this guide we’ll… Read more »

Google Analytics for Content Marketers: A Data-driven Strategy

GOOGLE ANALYTICS & CONTENT STRATEGY · 6-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi on August 14 2017. Measuring content performance is about more than who reads a particular piece of content. The ultimate goal is to build a community and ultimately convert people into customers. As a result, using Google Analytics as a content marketer requires… Read more »

Google Analytics New User Interface: How Has It Changed?

GOOGLE ANALYTICS NEW VIEW · 8-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on August 7 2017. If you have been in Google Analytics lately, then you’ve noticed that the dashboard is a little different. Google updated the layout starting in April 2017, slowly rolling it out to accounts. The first item that you’ll notice is the… Read more »

Getting More from Google Data Studio: Advanced Tips and Techniques

GOOGLE DATA STUDIO FEATURES · 10-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on July 31 2017. Google Data Studio offers advanced reporting visualization that includes customizable dashboards, charts and graphs. While the product is fairly new, marketers have embraced the platform since it allows them to show different data in a more visually appealing way. Yet,… Read more »

Historical Quality Score Analysis and Reporting: the Complete Guide

QUALITY SCORE REPORTING · 11-MINUTE READ · By Supermetrics on July 26 2017. Back in June, we introduced AdWords’ newly-released metrics Historical Quality Score in this post. Historical Quality Score is a very valuable metric for marketers – it reflects how relevant your ad is to the user-specific search query. Quality Score, together with other… Read more »

Building an Adwords and Facebook Ads Dashboard in Data Studio

ADWORDS AND FB ADS DASHBOARD · 8-MINUTE READ · By David Krevitt on July 18 2017. In this post we walk through how to build a FB Ads + Adwords dashboard in Google Data Studio. If you’d like to skip straight to the template, you can make a copy here. No one disputes that Data… Read more »

Google Analytics Enhanced E-Commerce: Making Data Driven Decisions

ENHANCED E-COMMERCE · 8-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi on June 27 2017. Google Analytics helps marketers make data driven decisions to improve business. It organizes raw data into informational summaries that provides a snapshot of the business. The role of the marketer is to then analyze that data and apply it to improve website… Read more »

Google Attribution: What Does It Mean for Marketers

GOOGLE ATTRIBUTION · 7-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on June 19 2017. In May, Google announced that it was doing away with last-click attribution. In its place, Google will now be offering a new reporting product, known as Google Attribution. The goal of this new product is to provide more sophisticated insights into overall… Read more »

New in Supermetrics: Adobe Analytics Connector

ADOBE ANALYTICS REPORTING · 6-MINUTE READ · By Supermetrics on June 15 2017. We get unreasonably pumped every time we release a new connector. Each one of them gets us one step closer to cover all the data sources our users want to connect. With that in mind, you can imagine how excited we are… Read more »

7 Easy Tips for Getting Ranked High on Google

GOOGLE RANK · 7-MINUTE READ · By Chris Hickman on June 12 2017. Every business wants to get a high ranking on Google. High rankings mean high visibility. High visibility means clicks, conversions, and sales. The vast majority of clicks only go to sites that are on the first page. So, how do you do… Read more »

Google’s New Releases: Adwords Historical Quality Score and Unique Reach

HISTORICAL QUALITY SCORE · 6-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on June 05 2017. Google is always striving to make metrics more relevant to marketers. Recently, they released two new metrics focusing on ad performance: Historical Quality Score and Unique Reach. What is Quality Score? WordStream defines Quality Score as “Google’s rating of the quality… Read more »

Improvements to the Supermetrics Database Connector

DATABASE CONNECTOR · 5-MINUTE READ · By Supermetrics on May 30 2017. We have made some great additions to the Supermetrics Add-on’s Database connector: You can now pull data from PostgreSQL and Amazon Redshift databases, and we have fixed the problems with connecting to SQL Server. PostgreSQL database can be either on-premises or in the… Read more »

Facebook Insights Template for Data Studio

FACEBOOK INSIGHTS GOOGLE DATA STUDIO · 5-MINUTE READ · By Miguel Cedeno on May 29 2017. Facebook Insights is a great tool – it allows you to understand the performance of your Facebook Page. Perhaps more importantly, it also uses diverse metrics to help you improve your overall Facebook strategy. In the template we’re sharing… Read more »

6 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Facebook Targeting Using Google Analytics

FACEBOOK TARGETING WITH GOOGLE ANALYTICS · 10-MINUTE READ · By Jon Quinton on May 16 2017. Facebook offers an intimidating wealth of targeting options, putting new advertisers on a steep learning curve before they figure out what works for them. What if you could start that learning process with a head start, leading you to… Read more »

How to Copy Data Studio’s AdWords Template for Facebook, Bing and Twitter in 9 Minutes

GOOGLE DATA STUDIO TEMPLATES · 10-MINUTE READ · By Supermetrics on May 8 2017. First things first. Let’s start with results. Here is the Adwords Overview template Google Data Studio offers. And these are the reports I copied for Facebook, Bing and Twitter. Facebook Ads Data sheet here: Bing Ads Data sheet… Read more »

How To Use 6 Hidden Features in AdWords

HIDDEN FEATURES IN ADWORDS · 8-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi on May 2 2017. Keyword bids, ad copy, quality scores, conversions and landing pages. These are all components of an AdWords campaign that advertisers are already familiar with. If you drill into your AdWords account, you will discover six hidden features that will enhance… Read more »

6 Tips to Go Beyond Google Analytics for Better Audience Insights

COMPLETE YOUR GOOGLE ANALYTICS DATA · 7-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on April 25 2017. Most of us rely on Google Analytics (GA) for many of our metrics – and for good reason. It’s free and easy to use, and most marketers care more about the statistics from Google over data from the other… Read more »

How to Make A Google Data Studio Dashboard for Adwords, Facebook, Twitter & Bing Data

DATA STUDIO PAID CHANNEL MIX · 9-MINUTE READ · By Supermetrics on April 18 2017. How to Make A Google Data Studio Dashboard for Adwords,Facebook,Twitter & Bing Data In our last post, we showed how to make a Facebook Ads dashboard in Data Studio. We posted it on Supermetrics blog. After 4 hours it got… Read more »

Google Data Studio: Creating Reports With Calculated Metrics

GOOGLE DATA STUDIO REPORTS · 6-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi on April 11 2017. By now, we hope you have become familiar with Data Studio, still in Beta but available to anyone with a Google account. In an earlier post on our blog, you learned how to use Supermetrics for Google Sheets with Data… Read more »

Three Ways to Power Up Your Google Analytics Data

POWER UP YOUR DATA · 6-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi on April 3 2017. Google Analytics is a powerful, free tool for measuring your marketing efforts. But it doesn’t deliver right out of the box. There are options for customization that you as a marketer need to be aware of so the data you… Read more »

DoubleClick Bid Manager and Adform Connectors Joining The Supermetrics Family

NEW CONNECTORS · 6-MINUTE READ · By Supermetrics on March 29 2017. Supermetrics is happy to announce that not one but two new connectors have graduated from beta testing: DoubleClick Bid Manager and Adform. They’re all available to be selected from the data source list in our Google Sheets add-on’s sidebar. DoubleClick Bid Manager Connector… Read more »

Free Data Studio Template and Tutorial: Facebook Ads

GOOGLE DATA STUDIO TUTORIAL · 10-MINUTE READ · By Supermetrics on March 28 2017. Google Data Studio is a lovely reporting tool for PPC and SEO. There are some great ways to use Data Studio to create beautiful reports. What’s even better, Google just made it globally available and free for everyone. We believe Data… Read more »

Measuring the Performance of Your YouTube Campaign: Google Analytics and Adwords

ADWORDS AND GOOGLE ANALYTICS VIDEO METRICS · 10-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi on March 21 2017. If you already have business videos or the capability to create video content, YouTube can bring you a lot of traffic for very little money. But keep in mind this audience will be different than those coming from… Read more »

Every Click Counts: Compare Success Across Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and Other Platforms

ADVERTISING ON SOCIAL PLATFORMS · 10-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on March 13 2017. To ensure that we are reaching our audiences any place where they might be consuming media, marketers run paid campaigns on many different platforms. While individually we can tell the success of the campaigns, oftentimes we need to provide comprehensive… Read more »

Use Case: Automating KPI Reporting with Leadfeeder

SUPERMETRICS USE CASE · 9-MINUTE READ · By Pekka Koskinen on March 7 2017. Running a SaaS startup is like flying an airplane in the dark. By looking out of the window and using your senses you get some feedback on what’s happening, but the real trustworthy information comes from your instruments. We need to… Read more »

10 Reasons Why Google Analytics is Not Increasing Your Bottom Line

GOOGLE ANALYTICS TIPS · 7-MINUTE READ · By Paul Koks on February 27, 2017 Google Analytics is a fantastic tool, but in my experience more than 80% of the companies actively using it, are not getting everything out of it. Or even worse, are not able to increase their bottom line. There are a lot… Read more »

5 Tips To Improve Your E-Commerce

E-COMMERCE · 9-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on February 20 2017. Marketing efforts are typically considered a success only if they drive leads and sales. While brand awareness is important, your stakeholders most often want to know that you’re converting your budget into profit. Yet, surprisingly many marketers don’t fully track everything related to… Read more »

Use Case: How to Avoid Google Analytics’ Sampling

SAMPLING · 9-MINUTE READ · By Ruben Ugarte on February 13 2017. If you’re heavy user of Google Analytics, then you know about the dreaded “sampling issue”. If you don’t, then let’s see how Google themselves describe sampling: “Sampling in Analytics is the practice of selecting a subset of data from your traffic and reporting… Read more »

Measuring the Performance of Your YouTube Campaign: Tips

YOUTUBE CAMPAIGN · 8-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi on February 7 2017.   With traditional print ads, you don’t know how many people are actually viewing them. Even with pay-per-click advertising, you can view impressions but that still does not mean the ad registered with someone. According to Google, TrueView ads are “built on… Read more »

Use Case: How Reprise takes advantage of Supermetrics

USE CASE · 6-MINUTE READ ·  By Pablo Contreras on January 30 2017. In this blogpost Pablo from Graphene (the company which is currently a part of Reprise Media) will tell about how Supermetrics is used in their team and provide you with hints on what tasks could be accomplished with JSON/CSV connector. What is… Read more »

Property Sets: Determine Your Overall Property Success

PROPERTY SETS · 6-MINUTE READ ·  By Misty Faucheux on January 23 2017. It’s been nearly a year since Google introduced property sets. When Google released property sets back in spring 2016, marketers rejoiced since they could now see total clicks and impressions of their different properties. Property sets let you consolidate different sites, apps… Read more »

New Year, New Connector: Custom JSON/CSV

NEW CONNECTOR · 4-MINUTE READ ·  By Supermetrics on January 18 2017. Many of you have requested us to add data sources, that we don’t yet support. And there there’s a big variety in them: from SEO and A/B testing tools to companies’ own CRM systems as well as public data. While our engineers are… Read more »

Use Case: Why Supermetrics Is valuable for Digital Uncut and their Clients

SUPERMETRICS USER CASE · 5-MINUTE READ · By Sam Martin-Ross on January 16 2017. Over at Digital Uncut we use Supermetrics to streamline our internal processes, this frees up time to focus on more important and interesting aspects of our clients’ accounts.This means we can provide a level of service, account management and analysis beyond… Read more »

Analyze Your User ‘s Behavior In Depth: Cohort Analysis

COHORT ANALYSIS • 6 – MINUTE READ • by Sumi Goonetilleke on January 2 2017 Do users really engage with your content? Use the right tool to find out! You often publish articles, run a campaign or post news worthy blog posts but you don’t really know how your readers engaged with the article or… Read more »

Five Analytics Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Use

ANALYTICS TOOLS · 6-MINUTE READ · By Paul Koks on December 19, 2016 As a digital marketer you should not limit yourself to one or two analytics tools. Your understanding of your visitors and customers will start to explode once you combine the insights of multiple tools. A great marketer or analyst understands the value… Read more »

Monitoring AdWords’ Campaigns: 7 Tips To avoid Under- and Overspending

ADWORDS’ CAMPAIGN MONITORING · 6-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi on December 12 2016. With bid strategies and automated rules (in Google AdWords), you do not have to manually monitor every account every day. These are valuable tools for marketers who have multiple paid accounts. Setting some basic rules is a big time saver. However,… Read more »

Successful Holiday Campaigns: The Most Important Metrics To Analyze

HOLIDAY CAMPAIGNS’ METRICS · 6-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on December 5 2016. The holidays are here, and nearly every company is ramping up their marketing efforts to try and gain new customers – or encourage current customers to purchase again. With so much competition and higher CPCs and CPAs, marketers must use every… Read more »

New Bing Ads: Campaign Creation Workflow and Expanded Text Ads

BING ADS NEW USER INTERFACE · 5-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on November 21 2016. Bing Ads has taken steps to better compete against AdWords and similar platforms. Microsoft has released a new version of the campaign creation workflow. The goal of this update is to make it easier for marketers to create effective… Read more »