Google’s latest update to the AdWords API provides access to YouTube TrueView video campaigns, and we’ve now updated all our reporting tools to support it. This means TrueView campaign data is now automatically included in all your campaign reporting, and you can also fetch video-specific metrics including:

  • Video impressions
  • Video views & view percentage
  • Percentage and amount of viewers watching 25 %, 50 % , 75 % and 100 % of your video
  • Cost per interaction (for video campaigns, this returns cost per view; for other campaigns, cost per click)

 You can split these metrics by the new video dimensions:

  • Video title, ID & URL
  • Channel ID & URL
  • Video duration

These video dimensions can also be combined with cost and clicks, so you can, for instance, see the cost per click for each of your videos.

AdWords video campaign data is now available in all our reporting tools:

With this update, we’ve also added the engagements and engagement rate metrics, and renamed some fields to match their new names in AdWords (estimated total conversions is now all conversions, estimated cross-device conversions is now just cross-device conversions). We’ve also recently added final URL, campaign start and end dates, bounce rate and advertising channel type (to identify search, display, shopping and video campaigns) to the AdWords field lists.



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