I’m excited to publish a great new solution for fetching AdWords figures to Excel through the AdWords APIsomething that many people have been asking for.
We’ve created two products based on this technology:
1. AdWords module for GA Data Grabber

With our popular report automation tool for Googla Analytics, GA Data Grabber, you now have the option to include an AdWords reporting module in addition to the regular Google Analytics module. All the advanced features of the tool, such as automated charting and PPT creation, can be used also with AdWords reporting. And the best thing is, as the data is already in Excel, it’s very easy to modify the charts, do additional calculations and so on – making this a much more flexible analysis tool than anything else currently in the market. There are few screenshots on the left – click to enlarge.

To download a demo version GA Data Grabber and to purchase the full version, visit the GA Data Grabber site: http://supermetrics.com/
2. AutomateAnalytics Functions
If you love our Google Analytics VBA functions, then this is for you: you can buy a blank workbook that has the VBA code for the AdWords functions embedded, so you can use them to build your own reports, just like with the Analytics functions. More information regarding this solution can be found here. These functions work both in Excel and in Google Spreadsheet.

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